Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The tail end of preschool

Ben and I keep commenting on Reid's inner growth. It feels more and more like he is a child, and not a preschooler. Now, I know, technically he's been my child since birth, but I'm speaking in terms of development over here. The other day I saw a chart (google search didn't turn it up, so sorry I can't include the visual) that reminded parents you have a newborn for a month, an infant for a year, a toddler for two years, a preschooler for two years, a child for six years, a tween for two years, and a teen for five years -- then they're gone. I could debate some of the finer points in that chart, but here I am a week later, still pondering that image. Our kids grow so fast! Reid is already passed four of those stages!

I kind of love this transition though.

On Monday his class went on a quick fieldtrip to see a puppet show. Upon return I flung open the front door and excitedly asked "how was your fieldtrip, buddy?" To which he very enthusiastically and dramatically replied "It was A-mazing!" I just had to chuckle. Here he is, old enough to enjoy the independence of a school fieldtrip (and old enough to punctuate his A-mazing like a teen) but young enough to find pure joy in a puppet show that recited baby books (Goodnight Moon and Runaway Bunny). I couldn't help put think that was pretty A-mazing in and of itself.

He recited the entire plot line of Runaway Bunny during our family dinner, and while I was rocking Coraline he gave me detailed explanations of all the puppet action. I could tell he was totally enthralled by the whole show. I loved picturing his entire class riding the long* school bus across town, filing into the fancy, century old theater, and then giggling hysterically at bunny puppets.

Preschool has been very good to this little boy, and I'm excited for the joy the next stage will bring.
"Mommy, it's homework. It's important school stuff I have to do at home."
*In their tiny eyes the long bus is reserved for big kids only. They ride the short bus to school, and only get to ride the long bus on the way home, when the rest of the elem kids join them. 

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Pa said...

Loved the post. Love the boy!

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