Sunday, February 7, 2016

To My Children: About War

I originally wrote this on December 13, 2015. I suppose I never finished it as intended. I tried to close the letter as I proofed it today, but I have decided to leave it unedited and unfinished. 

Dear Children,

Earlier this week various news outlets were covering Harvard's IOP poll. The poll covered a few different issues, but the one that grabbed headlines had to do with ground war. You see, people who took the poll (age 18 to 29) were in favor of sending ground troops to fight ISIS -- the current Middle East Extremist Islamic Terrorist group that has meddled in Western interests (it is important to note here, that Boko Haram is actually the most violent terrorist group in the world, but since Boko Haram terrorizes Africans instead of Westerners they hardly ever make it into the news -- think on that for a minute). However, an equal amount of individuals polled said they would not go fight that war themselves.

I hope you find this as shameful as your mother does. Dear Children, never, ever, ever expect someone to risk their life protecting your family if you yourself are not wiling to risk your life protecting your family. The word entitled is not nearly strong enough. Selfish. Egotistical. Really, there is no adequate word to describe how disgusted I am with this finding. This survey reveals the height of hypocrisy. How can anyone say they support a war they are not willing to fight?

I hope you will understand what Isaiah meant when he said nations will turn their swords into plowshares. And I hope you know how vital it is that you strive for this kind of peace on Earth. I hope you will understand that the endless wars between the Lamanites and Nephites led both groups away from God. And I hope you will admire the true conversion of the Anti-Lehi-Nephi's. I hope that in your understanding of the scriptures you will recognize that war is not of God. Yes, the scriptures may speak of wars and rumors of wars at the end times, but do not confuse yourself into thinking that means you can support the violence of the last days. The commandment we are given from the Master is to love our enemy, even pray for him. As Brigham Young taught, God never institutes war. He is not the author of confusion or of war. "Confusion and war necessarily come as the results of the foolish acts and policy of men; but they do not come because God desires they should come."

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Pa said...

Wpw, did you ever hit the mark with your eloquence. Well said, daughter dear. I love you. Pa

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