Thursday, March 10, 2016

Daniel Tiger Live!

Last Friday Nell and I tagged along on a portion of Reid's school field trip. This is his fourth field trip of the year. Can you believe that! His Kindergarten teacher has some big shoes to fill, because we have been completely spoiled by Mrs Bohnert.

Ben dropped Reid off at school extra early (for us, anyway). He had a sack lunch and a big smile. Both the AM and PM class headed north to Appleton and spent the morning at the Children's Museum (where we have a membership). They attended a class exploring what it's like to be a scientist. Reid kept telling us it was an art class, ha! We'd ask what he did and it was all science related with no art at all. Silly boy.

After lunch I dropped Coraline off at a friend's house and then Nell and I headed up the highway ourselves. She fell asleep the moment I hit the interstate and was kind of hard to rouse when I parked the car. Girl must be sleep deprived. Anyway ...

Inside the Performing Arts Center we quickly found Reid and his class. Nell ran to him and they gave each other a good 45 second hug. It was sweet. A couple mom's ahhhed over their lovie-ness and I was glad it wasn't a rare or fake occurrence. That's genuine Reid and Nell. Always super happy to see each other after brief moments of being apart.

We had great seats and only about 1/8 of the theater was full. It was a tech run the day before their big public performance on Saturday. I'd looked for tickets for Nell because she absolutely loves Daniel Tiger, but by the time I looked there weren't any two seats by each other. I decided to ask Reid's teacher if there was any chance Nell and I could tag along and she immediately called the theater and asked for two more tickets. What a Saint

Nell was in heaven. I think she was just as excited about doing a preschool thing with Reid as she was about the actual show. Both kids would get really excited and glance at me with a little twinkle in their eye when one of our favorite songs came on. Nell said her favorite part was baby Margaret -- which was just a large puppet. Reid said his favorite part was "everything." Classic Reid response.

I was really impressed with the performance. There were only 8 cast members, so many of them took on two or three characters. I don't actually think the Daniel Tiger actor said anything herself. The voice was EXACTLY like the voice on the show, I think she was just stuffed in that costume pushing buttons or something. I mean, it was the real Daniel T singing those songs.

Even though a whole week has gone by I still have a lot of them stuck in my head. The show really worked in a lot of the different themes and songs. I thought it was really well done and well worth it. I'm so grateful Nell and I were able to tag along with our sweet, grown up, Reid.  

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Pa said...

Wow! Fun fieldtrip. I'm impressed. Reid indeed has a great Pre-School teacher.

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