Friday, March 4, 2016

Parent Teacher Conference

I forgot to mention my first ever parent teacher conference in my February post! It was the last day of the month, and just slipped my mind as I went through all my photos. 

Reid's teacher sang high praises. I kind of made it clear I didn't really care about the academic side of things. In preschool, it is much more important to me that Reid is learning to treat others with kindness, follow the class rules, and complete classroom tasks he is given. 

We did have a brief back to school night in September, and Ben and I were asked to set goals for Reid's school year. Our goal was that he would learn not to become frustrated with tasks he finds difficult. Also, we wanted him to learn how to follow rules. His teacher said she's never seem him show frustration. I was kind of shocked. "Never? Or just a few times, so infrequent it isn't significant?"  No, never she insisted. 

She also said he is kind. She used the word well-rounded several times as well. She said whichever teacher gets to have him in Kindergarten is very lucky, because he's such a sweet kid to have in class. She also mentioned his letter recognition has greatly improved. 

She said he understands adult ques many kids don't. Like, when she pauses because the kids get too rowdy during a book reading, Reid is the first to notice. Then he goes about reminding his friends to quite down and behave. She also said he laughs at little jokes she and the other teacher make with one another. 

You could tell she genuinely enjoys him and counts him a blessing in her classroom. It was sweet to hear. As a former teacher, I'm well aware that some kids save their best selves for school. I'm glad to hear Reid is putting his best self forward in the classroom. 

We see plenty of it at home as well, but there is still regular crying over tiny little issues or major fights with his sister over tiny little issues. Like the Lego monster he created in the above photo. Ugh. Every time it broke he was in tears, begging me to fix it. We finally took a picture so we could always remember where the arms, guns, and legs are. Also, the other preschool boy I watch did not like the monster. So Nell decided she didn't either. Even when Reid told them he was nice, they acted afraid of it and the tension between them all was just too much. Sigh. 


Grandpa B said...

Wow Reid, I want to be your Kindergarten teacher! Lucky teacher. That's an awesome report from your teacher. Keep up the good work.

Claudia said...

Tell Reid I love his Lego monster!! And yes mama has every reason to be proud of her boy! What a fabulous report!! I have some great teachers who would love to have him in their class...which one should I sign him up for???

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