Friday, April 22, 2016

Lots of Grandparent Time

My kids have been spoiled this month. They enjoyed loads of Grandparent time. My in-laws were real lifesavers and took all three of them two weekends in a row. When they returned after the first weekend I told Nell how much I missed her and she replied, "I missed -(pause)- Grandma and Grandpa take really good care of us." It was adorable. She just had to stop herself from saying she missed me out of habit, because she hadn't! The look on her face as she finished her sentence was so upbeat and reassuring, as if to remind me not to worry.

And it's alright girl, cause I'd only half missed them. I mean sure, as a mother I wanted a few hugs and kisses that never came, but as a super sick, cranky pregnant lady I was more than eager to throw up without anyone hollering for me! Also, this was the weekend of General Conference, so I filled up on some much needed spirituality as well.

We (all five of us) were pretty excited when they offered to take them again the next weekend. Coraline seemed to do fine with back to back trips away from mom. She was probably just so glad she finally had someone to pay attention to her. When they came home Sunday late afternoon she was a total crank. I asked her if she was better at Grandma and Grandpa's house and Reid quickly and emphatically shouted "Yes!" Rick, Carol, and I each laughed a little bit and he looked at me and said "Well, she is." I asked him if he was too, and he gave me a "probably-nod" as he turned back to his KFC drum leg.

Half way through our delicious KFC dinner Ben arrived with my mom in tow. He'd just picked her up from the airport, and she was there to stay an entire week. Before night even came Reid said "I think I know why Grandma is here. It's so we can bother her instead of you and dad."

My poor kids. I know I made them feel like they were a bother, but seriously ... just let me lock myself in the bathroom for hours at a time. Is that really too much to ask? And Ben, he had no down time. He came home from work and was immediately put on kid duty, dinner duty, laundry duty, and everything else. I really did nothing for two whole weeks. My mom had offered to come earlier, but we figured I'd just be sick for a couple days. When conference came around and there was no improvement (even with the kids out of my hair for two whole days), we broke down and asked her to come out. Of course, by the time she arrived I was finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. And now, I'm just regular pregnancy sick. But I think I have PTSD from the weeks of horror, because I start to feel queasy at night and I run to bed!

I'm at week 12 (and a half), so we're really hopeful the 2nd trimester will be smooth. It's always been my favorite. However, I have had numerous people tell me they had one pregnancy where they were sick the entire time, and I'm a little nervous about that. But thanks to wonderful Grandparents, we've made it at least one-third of the way through!

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Pa said...

Granny talks about the Szilagyis non-stop. She must have had a great time! Enjoyed your post...

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