Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Coraline has Tubes!

Before and After photos.
Coraline went in for tubes last Thursday. Other than the super long wait, I have no complaints. It wasn't even hard for me to turn around and walk away as she headed off for the surgery. She didn't cry when I turned her over to the nurse, so I left as quickly as I could. They let her take her little monkey lovey back with her. And she was probably just excited to get out of the pre/post-op room we'd been hanging out it.

She couldn't eat or drink anything before surgery, which is why the long wait was the hardest part. The Doctor arrived about 20 minutes late to work (which I try to be patient with, everyone runs late now and again -- some more than others). We ended up sitting in the pre/post-op room for almost an hour before her surgery. She was screaming and yelling to get into my diaper bag, where she knows I store snacks.

When they brought her back to me about 20 minutes after she left I handed her a water and fruit leather as fast as possible. That immediately stopped any crying she had left in her.

She wasn't particularly drowsy for the rest of the day, but in the week since she has been sleeping a little better and slightly more pleasant during diaper changes. Overall, I'm really glad we had this simple procedure done.

Oh, and the number of people who complimented her cute outfit, aka jammies, was rather high. I swear, this kid gets more compliments in jammies than anything else. It's hilarious. Everyone there basically called her the cute polka dot girl.

She is pretty cute, polka dots or not!

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Pa said...

Love my Lou! Hope she continues to get better and better...

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