Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Swimming Lessons in Delta

My parents live just a couple blocks away from the city pool, so while we stayed at their house we decided to take swim lessons (well really, Grandma offered them to us ... Thanks Grandma!).

I had fun following these two little butts down the sidewalk each morning.

I also had a lot of fun chatting with old childhood friends as we watched our kids swim together. One girl I'd known since grade school, another I worked with at Leo's (the drive-thru burger restaurant), and another I had many classes with -- and we all had kids together in swim class so the four of us sat together each morning and chatted about life. It's crazy how much and how little changes. Obviously we all had kids and had matured quite a bit, but we also still enjoyed one another's company after years of growth and change. They see each other somewhat regularly, but I still felt like I could just jump right in and enjoy their friendship. It isn't always that way among people I once knew so well, but these three girls (who are obviously now women) were a blast to chat with each morning.

Nell made a lot of progress in her class and had an excellent teacher. Reid learned a lot of fun water games and had a blast playing with one little friend in particular. His class was really too big to accomplish much and the water wasn't deep enough to force him into anything uncomfortable and challenging. I asked them today if they'd like to take lessons again here in Oshkosh and they both said yes, so hopefully we'll have a proficient swimmer (or two) before long.

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Pa said...

Fun times. Missing my kiddies...

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