Sunday, July 10, 2016

Father's Day

Like Mother's Day, I'm here to write my Father's Day post three weeks after the fact. And like Mother's Day, Ben didn't get to spend the day with his kids (though I did get mine for about two hours). We were in Utah and the best we could do was video chat.

The kids were determined to give the candy bars they'd gotten in primary to Ben. But I convinced them to give one to Grandpa and eat the other themselves. They did, however; hold on to these cute handouts. They were very excited to share them with Daddy when we made it back to the Midwest.

Nell's on right, Reid's on left.

There was a lot of cross over on the two surveys. For example, both kids noted Ben's love of naps and their own love of "wrestle fighting" daddy. The sweetest similarity was the "He ALWAYS says" line; Reid wrote "He loves us" and Nell wrote "I love you!"

Reid thinks Ben is good at hunting ducks and his pocket is full of his phone. Nell thinks he is good at opening packages (ha!) and his pocket is full of gum.

We sure were missing Daddy while we were in Utah (though my mom thinks Reid actually missed Mr Toad more). I tried to have him record us when we reunited, but he was a bit blinded when we came to him from his right. The woman standing near by did smile and tell us it was the sweetest welcome home he could have. They were running full speed ahead and happy as could be to get great big bear hugs.

He is such a good daddy!

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