Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Spending Time in Grandma and Grandpa's Gardens

As much as we enjoyed spending time around Delta and the surrounding community, spending time around my parent's house was even more magnificent. Cousins came over each afternoon on our first few days there (more on that later). My parents and I sat around and played card games daily. We snuggled while watching movies and reading books. And we spent a lot of time playing outside, enjoying my parent's beautiful gardens.

One particular day my kids gave their Panda and Polar Bears the grand tour of Grandma's flower beds and lawn decorations. It was pretty cute watching them love on their favorite stuffed animals while we hung out in the front yard.

Meanwhile, in the backyard, the kids (especially Reid) loved helping Grandpa water his vegetable garden every day (or was it every other?). Even Coraline loved getting in on the fun.

We also spent a lot of time on the trampoline, at the sand table, fiddling with the kid umbrellas, and playing with all the other fun toys my parents have in their backyard.

I love both these pictures of Nell so much.
And even though the tissue tells you I just wiped her nose, it hardly shows!
My girls had runny noses (allergies) everytime we stepped outside.

Lou really loved the trampoline and even climbed up the little ladder all by herself (constantly). She only fell off once (enough to learn). She preferred being up their with big kids, but the moment she climbed on they all climbed off, ha! They knew they couldn't jump big with her on there, so what's the point?

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Grandpa B said...

Oh, now I'm so sad! Miss those cute cute babies... What fun we had.

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