Monday, August 15, 2016

Here Comes Four!

Nell is almost four and I am loving it. Four is one of my favorite stages. I kind of forget how fun certain ages are because kids gradually out grow them without much notice. But then one of my younger kids starts to grow into a stage and I quickly remember, "I loved this age!"

Nell is so intelligent it scares me a bit. All of our kids are curious and smart (in my opinion, and I credit Ben). But Nell has always had such a connection with language and it constantly amazes everyone around her. Her Sunbeam teacher told me she's never seen a three-year-old like Nell. "She remembers stories I shared weeks after the lesson, and her vocabulary is as sharp as mine! Every Sunday I go home and tell my family something she did that amazes me."

Time and time again she surprises me with her understanding of the scriptures during Sharing Time. And she learns all the songs the first week we practice them. The song leader has even had all the older girls (my class) "and Nell" sing a song together to teach the younger kids. It cracks me up.

Earlier today I was thinking about go-to toys all three of my kids have loved (dress ups, legos and kitchen play items), and then I thought about each of their individual favorites. Without taking time to even wonder I thought Coraline = baby dolls, Nell = books, Reid = Bruder trucks (though I later thought of Imaginext). I had to stop and chuckle because books aren't really toys, but to Nell they are. She loves stories and words and imagination.

She loves school and playing with letter manipulatives. I think she counts and recognizes her numbers better than Reid. Scratch that I think part. The other day they were working on a number puzzle together and Reid asked where the 9 piece was and Nell said "that's a six Reid" and I looked over at them and she was the one that was right.

She also has such a good heart. Just this morning I told Ben what a perfect middle child she is. She plays so well with both Reid and Coraline. This past weekend we were at a friends' farewell party and I didn't have to watch or worry about any of my kids. Reid found a couple of older boys to play with and Coraline just followed Nell around wherever she went. Coraline did not look for me or want to be with me at all during the evening. It was so nice! Nell lovingly included her in everything she did.

I'm really looking forward to this last year of having Nell at home all day. I think she is ready for preschool right now, but I'm going to soak her up for a good 12 months before I let her out of this house on her own on a regular basis. I'm going to enjoy four! 

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Grandpa B said...

Nell, you are awesome!!!

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