Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Birthday Boy

Much like Nell's birthday, most of Reid's celebrating took place the weekend before his big day. On Friday night we had a couple friends from Church over. They played and played, ate dinner, decorated cookies and sat through the beginning of Nightmare Before Christmas until their parents came.

On Saturday we had two neighborhood kids over and once again decorated cookies. It was in the middle of the day, so they were able to get outside and run around for a bit. Though I think their highlight was creating a haunted house in the basement. Reid was pretty happy about having so many friends over in such a short time.

On Sunday, Aunt Sam and Aunt Lauren drove up to see the kids in their primary program. Reid and Nell both worked really hard to memorize their lines. I'll have to get a video of them rehearsing their speaking parts. Reid had three total and one was even a couple sentences long. He did awesome, spoke loudly and clearly and looked out at the audience the whole time. Nell was a quiet, because reverence is quiet -- of course. But I know she sang her little heart out through all the songs. She's such a singer! I didn't really get to see either of them, as I was sitting with my own class of 9-11 year olds.

Anyway, back to the birthday festivities. We went with a simple graveyard cake because I'm super pregnant and Reid likes to do most the decorating himself anyway.


After cake we opened presents -- all of which were Lego sets. He was in heaven! He built the two most difficult ones by bedtime and needed almost no help. He was so in love with that Dragon that he gave it a hug, a kiss, and an ugga-mugga before bedtime. Too cute!

Reid is just an inch over 4 feet and half a pound shy of 60. He's definitely the size of an average 2nd grader! I've really been focusing on having him take more responsibility for himself. He does most his own bathing and washing and one night he came out of the bathroom just giggling hysterically because he'd combed his hair into a mowhawk. He asked if he could wear it to school like that one day and I said "Sure!"

Just a week before his birthday it was nearly 70 degrees, at 7 in the morning! So we threw on some summer clothes and spiked up his hair. He was pretty excited -- and nervous. He asked me if his friends would laugh at him and I responded by asking what would make them laugh? That seemed to calm him and he came home with flat hair (because it's way too heavy to stay up all day) and a big smile. No one laughed at his hair, and I think it even garnered him some extra attention from the cute girls in his 4K class last year.  

How could the girls pass up that cute face? This photo was taken before school. Even though his bus comes at 7:20 he wakes up early enough to squeeze in some play time before he heads to school. It's always either a little Lego building or a spontaneous art project. He loves having even just 15 minutes to play before he heads off to school. 

He also loves all things Halloween. We have an entire hallway wall of Halloween artwork. Most of it is drawn by hand, but a lot comes from coloring books. I've been pretty impressed with his free hand drawings lately.

Ben drew the green dragon in that top photo, and Reid did all the rest. He loves getting Dad to help him with his artwork ideas. That bottom picture was a story he wrote for school. The bottom reads "Dad, brother, dog." He's definitely starting to lean in on his gender and looks forward to special time he gets to have with just dad. 

Reid was really excited to go to school on his actual birthday. He got a crown, a pencil, a bracelet, and a certificate. He felt so spoiled! And just before the bus came he told me they would announce his birthday over the big speaker for the whole school to hear! That night we had a Church fundraiser (that I organized) at Culver's. He was kind of bummed he didn't get to choose Red Robin, since they sing to you. But I promised him his own ice cream that he wouldn't have to share with anyone. I don't think he's ever gotten that special treat. He wore his crown in as well, so everyone in the ward made it a point to wish him Happy Birthday. 

Just before that, we'd gone to the bank to cash his check from Grandma and Grandpa Bassett. We make them put half in savings and then the other half is theirs to keep. Right away we headed to Target and he bought a Minecraft spider plush toy. This boy has been into plush toys forever! I keep thinking he will grow out of it, but now I'm really starting to wonder. It fits his cuddly personality perfectly though. He loves to love on people or things. That boy's got a big heart and I'm so glad he shares it with me. 

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