Monday, December 19, 2016

Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

We'd had a dusting or two, but our first real snow began to fall last weekend. And it's here to stay! We got dumped on again this weekend as well. Last weekend it started coming down late Saturday night and didn't stop until Sunday afternoon. Because of this, Church was cancelled. 

There are many people in our ward who travel in to Oshkosh from rural communities more than 40 miles away, and it isn't really fair to make them drive in such horrible weather just because it isn't that hard for other members to get to Church. 

Saturday night we had a couple of friends over to play games, and that really began our cozy weekend (because up until then Saturday had been kind of busy and chaotic). It was fun to nestle down in our kitchen -- snacking on yummies -- while we watched the flakes start to fall. 

Reid was eager to get out and play Sunday morning. And he was even lucky enough to have his sisters join him for round 2. That's also when Dad went along to shovel. 

Coraline was pretty happy about being outside. She's always been an outside girl, and this was really her first time in the snow. In that top left photo of Reid, you'll notice her licking the snow. She had some pretty rosie cheeks that we had to warm up with some hot chocolate.

Which she spilled all over the floor. So then she was warmed with a bath instead.

This boy is so in love with the snow! And thankfully Nell is starting to see the joy as well. This weekend the storm started Friday night and carried on all day Saturday. Ironically, we were suppose to have our ward party Saturday, so that was one more Church activity cancelled. Much like last Sunday, we just hunkered down all day and enjoyed the winter wonder. While Mara and Coraline both napped, I took Reid and Nell out back and built a great sledding hill on the ditch property just behind our house. Technically, it's our neighbors property, but they put up a privacy fence this summer so they may never even know we are back there on their little hill! 

Reid was really loving it once we had the ramp going the full length of the hill. It got pretty slippery and we even managed to make the tiniest little jump at the bottom. Nell enjoyed it as well, but she always rode down a little slower, and certainly didn't have as many rides in her as her brother. Before the season is over, we'll have to get a video of them sliding down the hill. I had a lot of fun playing in the snow with my two big kids. It was some much needed special time. 

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