Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Hospital Stay

My first day at the hospital was pretty relaxing. I spent a good 30 minutes practicing the art of the selfie. I still can't really figure it out. 

I thought maybe I just needed to shower and put on some real clothes.

It's so weird to me that some people are just so good at those dang selfies!

Ben and the kids stopped by again around dinner. Reid was so excited that his big news had made him the star of Kindergarten. I told him we'd have to take a picture and send it to his teacher. Picture or not, he was really excited to hold his new baby sister. 

Coraline was so excited she screamed at Nell the entire time Nell took her turn. We found out pretty quickly that Coraline is not interested in sharing her new baby!

Dad needed a photo too, of course.

Ben thought I should stay two full days, but I didn't sleep very well that first night, so I decided to just stay one full day after delivery day. Those beds are just too darn short for me. I do love the luxury of sending the baby to the nursery at night though!

On the 8th, Ben and the girls came for another visit. They stayed quite a while, which was nice. Ben held Mara in the rocking chair while I entertained Nell and Lou -- who were sure missing me (and vice versa). 

When it was just Mara and I, my eyes were pretty glued to MSNBC. I was so grateful I had the wisdom to vote early and I was so anxious to see the night's results. I was certain we'd elect our first Madame President. I thought of my grandmothers and how momentous the event would be for each of them, and how especially proud my Grandmother Beulah would have been to vote a woman for the highest office in the nation and most powerful position in the world.

Despite any evidence here on my blog, I followed this election very closely. I was confident the nation would not elect a race baiting misogynist. I figured Trump would be as historic as Goldwater and I'd never really have to explain him to my kids. Most the polls gave me added comfort, though the site I followed most religiously told readers to watch how soon states like Pennsylvania and Virginia were called. If they didn't go blue shortly after polls closed, the pre-election polls could all be off and the results could end in Trump;s favor.

We left the hospital with both Pennsylvania and Virginia still gray. I started to doubt my confidence.

But I was still on cloud 9, because we had this new little bundle of joy.

Some friends offered to watch the kids for the hour plus it took us to check out and get home. When we were all settled together as a family of six just before bedtime I felt so much joy in my heart. Our friends had, had the kids make me individual homemade gifts for my own birthday the next day, and I could tell they were filled with the joy of giving to their mother and the joy of receiving a new sibling. It was a very peaceful feeling and I'm grateful for it. 

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