Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Two Conversations

There are two conversations that took place in our house today that need recording.

First, this morning.
Reid: Hey Daddy, do you know what store I got this shirt from?
Ben: Goodwill
Reid: No daddy. Guess again.
Ben: Goodwill
Reid: No! Guess which store it is from.
Ben: Goodwill
Reid: No, it's not from goodwill.
Ben: Well then where is it from?
Reid: Nike! *pause* Can you cut off this tag?
Ben cuts off tag that clearly states: Goodwill.
I suppose it's a good thing Reid can't read yet.

Just now (yes, like ten minutes ago -- cause apparently I'm now blogging about US breaking news).
I'm alone in the bathroom (yes, on the toilet), reading an NPR article that's just five minutes new.
Me: WOW!!!
Nell enters and asks me how I got hurt (ha! She thinks I screamed "ow)
Me: I'm not hurt. I'm just reading the news.
Then I lean in so our foreheads are touching and I change my voice like I'm sharing a murderous secret
Me: President Trump is CRAZY! *pause*
Me: *whisper* And I secretly hope he ends up in jail. *closes with a giddy smile*
She must think I'm nuts after this exchange. But she just left the room and went back to watching Numberjacks on Youtube.

Seriously, I haven't been following these Russia stories all that closely. But now ... now I'm convinced this is another Watergate. He's hiding something. He cannot possibly last four years. And in four years, I'll check back here and see if I'm right. And Reid will understand what Goodwill is (and that it's the only way he'll get high-brand clothing). 

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