Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Photos of My Girls

Here are some totally random pictures of my girls. Are you ready for these? Cause really, this will go down in history as the most random post I've ever written.
Here we go.

April 24
Mara's first solids. I mashed up some banana for her and she was not feeling it. 
April 25

 Magically, the very next day the EXACT same mashed banana was absolutely delicious!

May 1
 Nell was the most wonderful police officer Oshkosh Public Library has ever seen! She stopped robber from getting away with loads of cash and she also (for real life) found a missing toy and returned it to the rightful owner. She was in imagination heaven and I couldn't help but snag a photo.

May 1
That very same day, Mara fell asleep while we were grocery shopping at Festival, so I took some time to admire. I figure if all the old ladies want a peek at her, I better take time to enjoy her sweetness as well.
May 5
She actually had a pretty hard time adjusting to life after our Utah vacation, so I got some extra snuggles in during nap time. I think she may have had a bit of an ear ache, but nothing too severe.

May 5
Coraline on the other hand, has this mystery going on. More on that later.

Look at those three girls? Are they not the cutest? Words can't even describe how much I love each of them. 

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