Saturday, July 1, 2017

Two Videos: Strawberry Jamming and Trampoline Jumping

Last week was sandwiched between two exciting days that I made cute little videos of.

On Monday we drove nearly 30 minutes Northwest to a Strawberry farm. I chose this one because of the photos of the kids' play area. It did not disappoint. There is clearly a better farm 30 minutes Southwest, but I'm glad we went to Cuff's because the kids had a blast on the farm playground.

We bought about 8 pounds and had them all gone in just a couple of days. There was a lot of fresh strawberry eating! But we also made some jam. Ben was actually away at Scout Camp with our Church group, so Reid and Nell got to stay up late and help with the jam. And I tell you what, they really were good little helpers.

Anyway, here's the video:

Then on Saturday we took Reid's best buddy to a trampoline park up in Appleton. The kids won free passes as part of last summer's library reading program and we finally got around to using them. Ha! Ben had invited Reid to his birthday party back in April or May, but it was on a Sunday so we didn't let Reid go. We promised him that instead we'd do something extra fun one day with Ben. It was nice to finally fulfill our word.

The kids had a lot of fun, though Nell told me she was bored about ten minutes in. A quick break for a snack seemed to solve that problem. I think she really just felt replaced. Reid is her best buddy after all. She doesn't love it when playing with Coraline is her best prospect. Hopefully that changes soon. Sigh.

I love these moments when we get to do fun things as a family. It's such a joy to see so much happiness on your child's face. But honestly, I know the moments that truly build strong families are the simple nights making jam together. Kid's love to have fun. But making a contribution to the daily function of their home and family creates a much stronger bond. I'm so grateful we get to make these memories.

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