Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Nell's First Day of 4K

Really, yesterday was both Reid and Nell's first day of school, but I feel like I owe Nell a special post about her first day of 4K (since Reid got a huge one two years ago).

Nell has been ready for school since she turned 3. I really believe she has been bored and under challenged at home. It's something we've both struggled with.

Back in June she and the neighbor boy discovered they'd be in the same class and they were over the moon. It was so cute to see them fist pumping as they jumped up and down in excitement. These past few weeks she's carefully picked out her new clothes, shoes, and supplies. She has been waiting so long for this.

However, (yes, there is a big BUT here), this past week she was more easily upset and would often cry. This, from my non-crying child?! I couldn't figure out what was up. Even after she whined to me one day, "I want to stay at home with you each day," I kind of just blew it all off. One night she told Ben she was nervous for school because she's never been "really good."

Everything came to a head Monday (the last day of summer). She cried, no sobbed, so easily as she and Reid and Dougie (the neighbor boy) played together. When I tucked her in the tears just exploded and she said she didn't want to go to school because she was scared and she'd miss me and Coraline and Mara. Reid was so sweet as he tried to comfort her from the top bunk. "I was scared to go to 4K too Nell. But school is awesome. And when you get there tomorrow, just remember I'll be right down by the cafeteria in Mrs Sammons room." Oh, my heart.

She woke up to a hot breakfast of German pancakes. I focused on getting Reid ready for the day, since his bus would be coming earlier than ever, and didn't really notice that she wondered off and carefully picked out her first day clothes. 

Once we got Reid on the bus she had a minute to watch some PBS kids with her sisters. Soon enough I was loading all the girls in the car for Coraline's 2.5 year check up (several months late, since she's more like 2.3/4). Nell was helper extraordinaire at the Doctors office. She was also quieter and less playful than her normal self (practicing her really good, I suppose). 

Back at home she took a leisurely bath and then ate lunch while I did her hair. She re-dressed herself, packed her bag, and went outside for her own little photo shoot. Oh, my heart.

She wanted me to capture all the details. Like her "girl power" shirt, her princess backpack, her hair, and the two little sisters she was leaving behind. When she saw the bus rounding the corner she immediately jumped up and down and started to squeal. It was so sweet I whipped out my video camera. By the time it was up and running her initial jumps were over, but I did catch this adorable little dance.

I could watch this part over and over and over.

Her excitement wore off and her nerves came back as she approached the bus. She was so quiet and solemn, yet so proud and brave. Coraline, of course, lost it as the doors closed and that bus took her best buddy away. I had to bribe her with a rice krispie to calm down.

Back inside I put Mara down for a nap, then came out and found Coraline asleep on the couch!

It was a long couple of hours, waiting for my big girl to come home. I came out of the kitchen a few times and almost addressed my "Boops" only to remind myself "Lou" was the only big kid around. It was a strange absence.

When Nell came running off the bus she immediately asked if Julian could come over to play. "Isn't he still on the bus?" She was beaming from ear to ear that she got to sit with him and Reid on the way home. 

When I asked if she made any new friends she told me she didn't need to because she gave them kissing hand stickers! At dinner time Ben told her that was one of the ways she tried to make new friends. She'd seen those stickers earlier this summer and hadn't forgotten her plan to take them on the first day. I'm so glad Mrs Bohnert let her share (even though they didn't read the story like Reid had on his first day). 

I told the kids to go play downstairs shortly after they finished up their after school cookie and milk, but Nell responded that she'd "already played with toys at school, so I don't want to play with them here." Spending the whole day with Dougie didn't stop her from wanting to play with him, though. Once he got home at about 4, they all ran around outside together until dinner. 

Overall, I would say her first day was a success, and she wasn't nearly as nervous or scared to return for the second day (this afternoon). I know she is going to love school and really shine in her new role. As we were waiting for the bus earlier today she told me she had to go to school so she could be a better person. I love that perspective. I love that girl. 

Oh my Boopsy Bops, it is so fun to watch you grow up!

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Claudia said...

I love the stories and photos of Nell! She is such an independent and smart little girl! You did such a good job with her hair mom and I must admit I am surprised she let you do it! Such happy memories of her first day of school

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