Saturday, February 16, 2008

More Babysitting

Marie is going to laugh at me when she sees I've already posted these pictures, but I had so much fun watching her Lauren on Friday night. Isn't she adorable.

I love being so far from home and still having good friends and family near by. I'm also glad the temple is so close to us and we get to act as designated babysitters! Thanks for the good weekend Peterson family.

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Dave & Marie said...

ahhhh! This is so funny!! I'm totally laughing, but then again I was thinking you would be on blogger as soon as we left the door. Thanks so much for watching Lauren. I wish we could just hang out for a couple of days. well, when you and ben come down we'll totally have fun! WE'll stay up til upwards of 11:00 and who know's maybe we'll even play some crazy games like, uno. The possibilities are endless... ;) I love that Lauren made it to your page. Shibby!!

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