Saturday, February 2, 2008

Quite the Week

It was a big week for the cub scouts, pinewood derby! The boys were so fun to watch, I never knew they could be so excited about something so simple. Scouting has been a great calling. We get to teach the boys how to make pizzas, scrapbook, and survive a fire! I really like the adults we work with, and the parents are wonderful.

The highlight of this week was babysitting for Jon and Mel. I looked forward to playing with Jaedon all week. Together we made Muddy Buddies, played with my music box, and numerous other things. I could use half the energy that kid has. It was also fun to have Livy around. She is quite the slobbering baby. I realize I will have to get over being clean when I decide to be a mother.


Mel said...

Thank you! Thank you! Jaedon had a blast, and loved it! He was excited the whole day to come and see "Ben and Liz". We love you!

Mel said...

Liz, I have tagged you. You can check out my blog, and paste and copy.

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