Thursday, March 6, 2008

I love tags!

Really, I just love any excuse to blog. Especially this week. Ben is spending his Spring Break with his family in Illinois and I'm all alone. Well, here it goes. . .

10 years ago .... I was a freshman in high school. My pants were too short and too big and I had lovely braces; it's amazing any boys liked me. I was best friends with Haley, Heidi, and Marie. We were all still really immature and in love with boys we didn't dare talk to. We had the best sleepovers, and high school dances ruled!

Snacks I enjoy.... Oreos and milk.

I enjoy...reading a good book, a nice afternoon bike ride, playing basketball, my students, and mostly BEN!

What would I do if I were suddenly made a billionaire . . . First stop, Kuching East Malaysia. I would probably bribe the Church to start a temple there. I'd pay for my Pakistani friend to come to college in the US. And of course, I'd save tons of it for my children.

3 of my bad habits. . . Leaving my stuff all around the house, picking my hang nails and then rubbing my soar thumbs over my lips, and farting . . . oops - I just hate to hold it in!

5 places I have lived. . . Utah, Virginia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Utah (I guess I only have four, so separate Delta and Logan)

5 jobs that I have had . . . Leo's Delta Freeze, which is probably my favorite, Utah State University Newspaper, Golden Corral, The Buckle (loved the discount!) and High School English Teacher. Oh, one summer I mowed lawns for USU, that was great fun.

5 things people don't know about me. . .That's a little personal, but I can't think of anything. Oh, my feet stink lately. I hate it, that never happened before I started teaching. Hmmm four more. Okay, I peed my pants at age 21 in a Blockbuster parking lot. That's really embarrassing, but it's out. I said it. Three more, as a little girl I secretly hoped Bette Middler would come kidnap me, Ben gets a good laugh out of that. Last two, I have a gazillion scrapbooks - I have the hardest time parting with pictures. And finally, I was selected to teach this reading intervention program called Read 180 and I love it. Scholastic is the sponsor and I really think it will strengthen my students reading abilities (and I made up a student and have been participating in the program as well, geeky I know). Just call my Nara Bassett!

I TAG. . . Who ever wants to do it. Cop out I know.


Alison said...

Should I send a secret telegram to Bette? Or maybe a text huh? Thats more fitting for today. Thats cute does make me laugh but I think its sweet. How are you? Thats too bad you and Ben couldn't have the same Spring Break. When will you be visiting here?
Oh! And Liz! A lot of people read your in a crowded elevator everyone will know it was you :)

Alison said...

I love a good game of tag... ;)

Dave & Marie said...

how did you get two columns, one on each side? p.s. Hi ;)

Dave & Marie said...

I love this! and you are so funny Nara.

HDunkley said...

LIZ! I laughed so hard about you secretly wanting to be kidnapped by Bette Middler! Ha ha! Oh, and I also laughed about how in as a freshman your pants were to short and too big. Been there! Why didn't anyone help us out with that? :)

The Briggs Clan said...

I haven't commented for a while so I thought I would say hello! I can't help but laugh my head off when ever you tell something about your self that no one knows... The farting thing, not a secret anymore, your going to be better to have around then a baby or a dog! lol! Or as my grandpa used to say, "Sheesh, there sure are squeaky floors all around me!" ~Love ya Liz! Wish we could have been in Delta on Vacate at the same time!

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