Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Not forgotten

So this memory thing has had me thinking all day. I just wanted to add a couple to the list.

1. As if middle schoolers aren't dorky enough - we still played dress up at your house in the 8th grade. It was so fun. We modeled and took pictures of ourselves. Your family was always so creative when it came to sleepover time. Never got bored, always came home with something (even if it was dorky pictures).

2. I have to stop laughing before I can even type this. How to explain. We were camping out at Porcupine Dam when we decided to go late night skinny dipping. The real thing too (not just letting our bottoms surface in the rez). Well for anyone who hasn't been to Porcupine Dam, there's lots of willows and tree limbs even out in the deeper parts of the water. We were swimming around, feeling free as a bird when all of the sudden you squealed like a dead man had grabbed your leg. Turns out you swam right over one of those willows . . . butt naked! That's my favorite memory of you. Football tackle has been knocked down to number 2.

Alright I'll stop with the memories. Maybe next time I'll share some of my most embarrassing moments. HA!

1 comment:

Whitney Blake said...

Liz.. Hey girl. Thanks for the tag, I will totally do that. Sorry it has taken me so long to do it. How are you?? Looks like things are great!

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