Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hooked Again

Years ago I swore I would never watch American Idol again if Clay Aiken didn't win. And until this year I have stuck to that promise. But let's be honest, when two mormons and one Utahn are in the finalists it's hard to stay away. So after 5 long years I am once again hooked on American Idol. Here's how I think the show is going to go down.
I, like most people think it will come down to the two David's. I think Archuleta will win, not cause he's better, just cause young girls love him. I bet it will be a repeat of the Clay/Ruben thing, and Dave Cook - the 2nd placer - will become more famous.

I think Carly should take 3rd. I don't know that she will, but I think she should. She is my favorite girl and has been since the first time I saw the final 12 sing. I think her biggest competition is . . .

Jason. He may just take 3rd. Which I won't understand. sure he has a good voice, but I don't think he is fabulous. I'd vote him off this week, but I don't think that's how it's going to go.

Now my personal favorite is Brooke White. I put her in 5th place. She isn't the greatest singer but I just love her personality. She seems so real and so sweet. I also love that her and David A seem to be buddy buddy. I wonder if they study scriptures together on Sundays.

This leaves Syesha. Isn't she gorgeous! That's what I think each time I see her. She is a pretty good singer too. But for some reason I have a feeling she is about to go. I can't wait to watch tonight and see how my predictions pan out. What can I say, I love American Idol once again.


T&HDunkley said...

Hey Liz! I'm right there with ya! I'm an American Idol fan and I agree, I think it will come down to the two David's and David A. will win but David C. will be more successful. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I know, my bangs were horrific and it WAS a competition to see who could get their the highest! Ha ha! Have a great day, Liz! :)

Mel said...

I am there with ya too. I loved how you put that maybe Brooke and David A study scriptures! hahaha :)

Hannah said...

I think you're probably right, but I hope not. For some reason I have a feeling that David Cook is just one of those icky guys I tried to stay away from in college. David A. is just so cute and innocent and really does have a great voice. I think if he wins he'll grow into his career.
With that said, oh how I have longed I never started watching this show in the first place. I've been trying to swear it off since 2006 when my son was born and it was my link to sainity, but have gotten sucked back in every year right about now. The mormons did it for me this year. You gotta support your peeps!


p.s. do you have Heidi Draper's info?

Alison said...

I could not be MORE disappointed about the results show last night! I love LOVED Carly. Talent and voice wise, I think she had almost everyone beat. Simon said it, "popularity contest" for sure!

I agree with your post 100% except Jason is pure vomit.

Mom and Dad Bassett said...

I agree with Hannahs comment on David Cook. He has given me the willies the entire time. I disagree with Ali, I quite enjoy Jason even with his dred locks. I think his aura is much better than David Cooks and, of course, I love David A. and Brooke-she is like Carol King and Carly Simon from my day and age! I was not a real fan of Carly, maybe her tatooed arm was just a little much for this mom. I kind of think David Cook will take first. Time will shortly tell.

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