Friday, April 18, 2008


So when I was single I always told everyone I liked nerds. Turns out, now that I'm married I've become one! In the past month I've read 7 different books. Just thought I'd share my favorites with everyone.

1984 is Ben's favorite book. And I'm proud to say we finally see eye to eye on something. He hates the books, music, movies, and TV I love. And his picks aren't my favorite either. But this one is up there. I think Orwell is a genius. Though the first part of the book is slow, and the second is sexy, the third part is so deep and moving. The theme of betrayal got me to thinking of Christ, and I love any book that makes me think of Christ.

My favorite of all the books is probably this one, Forged by Fire. It's a young adult book so it's a real easy read. The story really pulls you in. It makes you super grateful for the life you lead. Some kids just have it so rough. I've had some close friends with similar experiences and my heart just goes out to them.

And last, but not least, Black Boy. The 11th grade teacher was reading it with her students and they seemed to love it, so I had to see why. And I agree, it is a great book. It terrifies me to think of how ill-treated black people are. Racism is such a disgusting thing. And I love the twist at the end, that communism is just as dark and disgusting as racism. Very interesting.

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Whitney Blake said...

I am so excited you posted book titles, I am going out tomorrow to get these, they look like something I would enjoy also.

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