Thursday, April 10, 2008

This is for you Al

My friend Ali tagged me in a Flashback Friday. So here are some pre-kindergarten photos.

I always had my fingers in my mouth. I love the pink curlers. I still remember staying up late to have my mom put them in. Probably until High School. Nerd.

Brother Jon was my favorite growing up. I can say that cause they've all been my favorite at one time or another. But I do remember really looking up to Jon as a kid. He was so nice to his dorky little sister. Look at him teaching me how to ride that tricycle.

I still have this dress.
Easter Sunday '87

How white trash is this!!! Seriously Mom and Dad . . . thanks for the fun times.

Me and my friend Heidi go way back. We always did the funnest things at her house. This is a Christmas countdown we made. Fashion was so great back then.

These are some photos from a family vacation we took to Bryce and Grand Canyons. Notice Phil's pink blanket. I love it. My brothers are so cool.

Flashback Friday was a blast. I'll probably make it a monthly habit. I just love memory lane. I feel so blessed to have had such a good family and such wonderful friends. I wouldn't change anything about my life. I tag anyone who wants to waste time digging out old photos and sharing some cherished memories.


Alison said...

I just love it! You have always had that cute "crooked" smile and gobs & gobs of hair. What a sweetheart! Thanks for doing the tag, its been one of my favorites so far.

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are great! You were so cute!

Mel said...

I am thoroughly enjoying these pictures. I have clicked on them numerous times to see them blown up. And Rachel has always said that Livy looks like you, and now seeing these pictures... I believe she is right. Little Miss Livy takes after her Auntie Liz!! :)

T&HDunkley said...

Those pictures are SO cute! Oh, my heck, were you not just the most adorable little girl ever? :)

Alison said...

I've never actually used the blonde and brown shampoos, but have heard plenty of girls swear by them so I think you made a good choice!

Also, I figured out how to make a 3-columned blog. I had to fiddle with the HTML lots but I finally got it. So let me know if you still want to add another column to your template and I'm happy to help. Love ya!

Dave & Marie said...

I love this!!! I'm so doing flashback friday this friday, if I can get off my derier and scan some pictures. Your face in your easter dress 87' pic is priceless!! And I had a chuckle when I saw Phil's pink blanket. Too cute! You should photo shop my head next to jens in "liz's teens" pic, can't say that didn't sting a little. ;) toodles

Heidi said...

ha ha! That's a great picture of the both of us - nice outfits yo! Thanks for the walk down memory lane! Oh and I'm with you on the curlers until high school. I sometimes even think it would be easier to still do it! heidi

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