Monday, May 5, 2008

Firsts Tag

First memory I think that would be sitting on my mom's lap in our frontroom when she was pregnant with Phillip.

1. First thing you made all on your own Probably cookies. I'm sure my mom was close by watching and I'm also sure Haley or Shellene was there with me. And some of the egg shells were likely to land in the batter.
2. First meal you cooked Mac and Cheese and No Bake Cookies for my brothers and Quinn and Devin Lindstrom. Devin probably offered to help, he was so nice to me when the big boys bossed me around. Gotta love being the only girl.

1. First formal schooling you had A preschool at BYU. I loved it.
2. First bad grade you earned
Miss Beckwith flunked me when I was her library aide. Good thing I didn't need that class to graduate. I was so surprised, I thought I was her favorite. Meanwhile, I earned straight C's in Mr. Judd's Anatomy class. It was hard, and cute boys sat behind me. I couldn't help it.
3. First post high school education you had 4 and 1/2 years at USU.


1. First job you dreamed of having Teacher
2. First time you made money Maybe babysitting, but I was never much of a babysitter. I cleaned my Aunt Syd's house for a few bucks a week. That might have come first.

3. First pay check job I was paid a small stipend for helping out in a elementary classroom during summer school of '95. That's right, I was only a seventh grader.
4. First career Teacher - oh I turned full circle on this one.

1. First family vacation Does a trip to Grandma and Grandpa Hardy's count? I loved going to visit them.

2. First time you went out of state
Arizona, to the Grand Canyon
3. First roadtrip with your friends
I drove to Fillmore to watch a track meet during my sophomore year in high school. I'm really surprised my parents let me do that, I was barely 16. I probably told them I was going to watch Jon but I was really going to watch Eric - which I'm sure they figured. I can't quite remember who went with me. I know there were only two people. I think I invited Haley, Heidi, Marie, and Ali. We drove in my blue bomb car. I bet Ali and Marie were the ones who ended up coming. Help me out here girls, were you there?
4. First time on a plane Ha, on the mission. Talk about a big break in. I was the flight leader for my MTC group and I was the only one who had never been on a plane. It was the craziest flight ever. China is FOREIGN!

5. First time out of the country
Family trip to Tijuna. It was so fun. Jon had just come home from his mission and Matthew was about to get married. It was our last big thing together.


1. First crush Michael Corey. I was so in love with him in Kindergarten.
2. First boyfriend Remember the phrase "will you go out with me?" Well Eric Hintze passed me a note in the sixth grade with that very question and I was thrilled. But if you think that doesn't count it would still be Eric Hintze, in high school.
3. First time you held hands with someone
Jeremiah Skeem at a football game in eighth grade. Funny that he ended up marrying my best friend!
4. First date
Dave Stanworth, right after I turned 16. When he called and asked me out I didn't realize that he had asked me on a date. My mom had to point it out when I told her I was going to the movies with him, Shai Robison and Ryan Byrd.
5. First kiss Brady Wood. What a moment!
6. First love Jeff Plumb. I wish I could say Ben, but deep down I have to admit I gave bits of my heart away before I met him. But of course my love for Ben is heaps and bounds bigger. It's like comparing an atom to the universe.

I tag Shar, Ali, and Tosha and anyone else who feels like reminiscing about their firsts.


Lydia said...

Wow, that Eric Hintze is one smooth devil. I think he proposed to his wife the same way! hahahaha

Shai said...

Thats funny Mike was my first crush in Kindergarten too!! I remember that double date we went on, Oh fun times!!

Casie said...

Brady Wood, really? I had NO clue!

Alison said...

Yes, I was definitely on the Fillmore trip..but I can't tell you much besides that. However, in the boy category, the details are clear as mud :) Sense my sarcasm, I remember them SOO well. The night you kissed Brady you had on a red shirt and jeans. And you pulled me over and shared the news on the road to Sutherland, just before the Cooks' house, around 11:30?..How's that for a journal entry!?!!

Alison said...

And the Mike Corey thing...did everyone in the North Elementary have a crush on him?!

~Lacey Keel~ said...

That was fun to read I have a hard time thinking of answers to some of those questions it some times fun to look back. And no not every one at the morth school had a crush on mike.

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