Saturday, May 31, 2008

Where'd My Humor Go?

I think I lost it on the mission. I don't know how it happened. My first companion and I laughed often, and I had several funny companions after that. But I'm pretty sure I left it somewhere in Asia. As a missionary, at least a Sister, you feel this need to be humble and submissive, I think that's how I lost it. I also lost my sexy body in Asia. Stupid Asia, give me my humor and my 27 inch waist back.

So I know how to get the body back. I've been working out lately and I'm on the Special K diet. Except I don't like Special K so I substitute that for Kashi, Cherrios, and Bran. But how do you get your humor back? I watch Friends and The Office, but clearly it's not enough. I'm funny around Ben, but what goes on in the bedroom stays in the bedroom. I've made my students fall off their chairs in laughter. They love when I try to sing Chris Brown or W.H.A.L.E. They laugh and call me white. I even fessed up to a fart once. That got them rolling around. I really needed to tut so I was polite and I went over to a secluded corner to let 'er rip. Time was well into class and I wasn't expecting anyone to come through the door. But about three seconds after she squeaked out, in walks Day Day. He took one look at me and asked "Did you bust your ass?" I was dumbfounded. And I couldn't lie. I was the only one there. So I fessed up and they fell off their chairs giggling. "Szilagyi farted!"

Farts and Raps aside I really feel I've lost my sense of humor. So really, how do I get it back? I'll take any suggestions.

I know I use to be funny. In High School my best friend and my boyfriend were voted funniest people in the school. That says something about me, doesn't it? In college the boy everyone deemed funniest guy on campus told me I was in the top 5% funniest girls in the world. That's up there with Ellen and Lucille. Shoot, I was flattered. But if he knew me now he'd be disappointed. Please, somebody, help my find my humor again.


Mom and Dad Bassett said...

Now that was funny! You made me smile and laugh inside. I think you found your lost humor. You are delightful!
Love, Pa

Alison said...

Liz! You are funny without even trying. I'm finding it hard to believe you have lost your sense of humor. I'll come out in a few weeks and prove my point!!!

Dave & Marie said...

Liz, you crack me up. I understand the humor and waist, Iblaim mine on motherhood, not Lauren, motherhood. The quest for humor, it can be exausting. But the "busted your ass" too good that is too good. How funny!!

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