Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Liz Squared is Back. . . Full Force

It's amazing how you can grow up four miles of farm away from someone, spend your whole life in the same small town, and it isn't until your 20-years-old and living in the same apartment miles away from home that you become best friends. I am so grateful for my friendship with Liz Hales McCarl. She is so amazing. So outgoing and always so positive. I am so glad she came to spend the week with me. Here are a gazillion pictures from our time together.

The night she got here we road our bikes into the city to see the monuments. George Washington Monument and the reflection pool at sunset is on the right. Lincoln sitting in his temple are the other two.

The Vietnam wall is my favorite memorial in DC. It's vastness just amazes me every time I walk along the names of men and women who gave their lives (for a useless war in my opinion).

FDR's memorial is kind of interpretive art. On the left we have a Great Depression work line. and on the right he is representing WWII, with his dog. In the middle we have Thomas Jefferson, FDR had his monument built cause he was Roosevelt's hero.

At the WWII memorial. I'll always be a Utah girl.

Arlington Cemetery. JFK's eternal flame, the changing of the guard, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. I've been there four times but it never seizes to amaze me, there are SO MANY headstones.

Outside after the HUGE storm (we've had a lot lately, it's the end I tell ya). With my two best friends.

Crossing the Chesapeake Bay on our way to Ocean City, MD. It was a gorgeous drive. Driving over Bay Bridge was a little scary though.

Liz and I at the beach. I'm covering my tomato red chest. I have blisters. Shouldn't you know better than to lay in the sun for four hours when you're 25?

First time in the Atlantic. I want to swim in every ocean. I have three down . . . how many left to go?

I love playing in the sand. And I LOVE BEN! He is my honey.

This guy made Jesus in the sand. It was the craziest thing I've ever seen. He also had Moses and the Ten Commandments. He was in the process of making Mary and a dove. I was flabbergasted.

Our first President's house. Mount Vernon (his plantation) is possibly my favorite thing in the city. I bought a year long pass.

Georgey Porgey has the best backyard in America. I'm not even kidding. I'd give up a leg to have one like it. A) It's huge. B) It has the Potomac. C) There are so many trees. D) I just love it.

George Washington loved to garden. He even had a little (huge really) greenhouse made. He liked to bring exotic plants to VA. What a guy.

Liz and I hanging out at the back of the White House. We got there in time to the see the President and his homies come home for the evening. They always make such a big deal about that.
Barack Obama's future home. I'm counting down the days.


Mom and Dad Bassett said...

I am so glad you had such a marvelous time with Liz! She looks great and so do you! So it must be the name! Or maybe it is just married life that suits you two fine. Anyway, I was happy to hear you two had such fun together. The photos are spectacular! What a fun place to be living. Just remember you are a Utah girl and must come home some time to roost! I promise I won't tell Dr. Stone you stayed out in the sun so long! Love ya, Mom

Shai said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun! It has been forever since I have seen Liz. Well I'm glad that you guys got to have some fun times together! Oh ya and I really hope it isn't Obamas home!! :) Love ya!!!!

Jen said...

I am so jealous. I want to hang out with the Liz's!

Laura said...

Looks like so much fun. We need to come out and see all the fun sites with you guys.

Aimee said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun together!! I haven't seen you OR Liz Hales in years! I love reading your blog though, it's always so entertaining & you always have awesome pictures! Keep them coming!

Casie said...

I want to go back there to visit someday, so much amazing history of our country. Have you heard what the guards go through in order to serve at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier? It's crazy, but I love it! The oceans question, I know this because I teach it in third grade, you have two more oceans to go, but as far as the little seas that are here and clue. Love the post! Thanks for all the pics!

mandycamp said...

we won't find out for 2 more months! I have my first appointment Tuesday! I keep telling Sawyer there is a baby in my tummy so now she calls my belly baby. I don't think she understands yet.She is really jealous so I hope that she'll get used to the baby!

Dave & Marie said...

I've heard Mt. Vernon is really cool. I also want to see Monticello.

tara said...

I ditto Jen's comment..I also want to hang out with the Liz's...especially in D.C.!!!

T&HDunkley said...

Such cool pictures! I didn't know you and Liz Hales were such good friends! That is so awesome that you guys still hang out. D.C. looks so beautiful!

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