Saturday, August 30, 2008

Donate to a good cause.

If any of you want to donate some money to my classroom, even just ten dollars will help, you can go to either of these websites: Lord of the Flies or LCD projector. You're money will be much appreciated and we'll send you some great thank you cards.

Speaking of my students. Last night I realized how much I love some of them. Let me introduce you to Jamia. Jamia was in my class all year last year and she was definitely the smartest female student I had. A little attitude problem at the beginning of the year, but once she found out I'd be coaching Basketball she warmed right up. Basketball started and she came to every practice, even when her friends boycotted me. I tried to make a leader out of her by asking her to lead the team in stretches and other work outs but she was hesitant because she was one of the youngest girls. But I just loved her dedication and skill. Later I learned a little bit about her home life. Her mother is crazy and just a terrible mother. She steals Jamia's childhood by making this 15-year-old babysit her children all the time. Her brother steals money from her (and tried to from me) and she just gets really sad sometimes beacuse her home life is so messed up. Over the summer she came to Basketball practice and games (we are in a summer league) all through June and July. But then in August she moved from her father's house to her mother's house. She stopped coming. Her mom wouldn't let us talk to her on the phone and she wouldn't return our calls. It was hard to win without her but we made it to the Championship game, which was last night.

We were anxiously waiting to see if Jamia would come to school this week but neither her nor her brother showed up. This just added to our worry. But last night after I rode the train into the city, as I was waiting at the F street entrance of the Verizon Center I spotted four familiar faces. Three girls from the team and Jamia. It was all I could do to stop the urge to run up and hug her. I think she noticed my excitement and she passed a smile back my way. I was more excited to see her than if it had been my own mother or a long lost friend. My excitemet shocked me. When I asked about why she hadn't been at school she said it was cause her mother couldn't buy her new clothes yet.

Well we lost our game. It was on the court after the Mystics game. But I did get to go to my first WNBA game. And might a say a true Basketball fan even loves the WNBA. We got to go out on the court at half time. That was fun. I was the only white person on the court, out of like 60. Twice, as I was walking around with the team, security guards stopped me and asked our Coach if I was with the team. I thought that was funny. "What's this white girl doing with you?" The Mystics lost too. But it was a good game. I really liked 20 and 9.
Ben got a job as an RA with one of his professors from last year. We're excited cause we could use the extra money. As I said in my last post. I love my new students. This year is already lots better than last year.

What else, oh . . . I'm way excited about Biden. I actually like his politics better than Obama's. Shocking I know. So why didn't I support Biden from the beginning you ask, well Obama's hot. And more popular. So I'm like a High Schooler, big deal. I'm sad I missed the convention. It was all the buzz at work the next day. I love having liberal coworkers.


Mom and Dad Bassett said...

I'll send some money as soon as I figure out my checkbook. Sounds like a worthwhile project. No wonder the politicians think America's schools are failing. All they have to do is look out their back door and witness education at its worst - DCPS!!! I am amazed at the stories you tell. Keep it up girl!
Love, Pa

The Rowley's said...

Hey Ms Liz let me know where to send some dontations too I would be more than happy to get involved and I will have some of my friends here in on it too just let me know so get back to me k Chrissy. Oh yeah let your dad know he should add me blogger. hope your family is doing well

Mom and Dad Bassett said...

So did Jamia ever come to school? How sad her life must be. Course, you can relate a little with the 'crazy' mother bit can't you!! Sounds like b-ball is going good. How is the triathalon training coming along? When do you run your five k? Congratulations Ben! Glad you got the RA job! Tell Liz to quit worrying about the money,no matter how much one has it never seems to be enough. Congrats on passing your test Alizabeth! We're happy for you. Have a great week! Love ya, Mom

Elder Ee Chien Chua said...

Hey Sister Szilagyi!

I'm servijng in the Toa Payoh ward, and it's going great! By any chance, do you have the contact of a Sister Ember Correy? We are teaching one of her former investigators. If you could put her in contact with us trhat would be great! Thanks! Hope all is well with you, take care!

Elder Chua

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