Thursday, September 4, 2008

I have had quite the week!

I won't go into all the gritty details. Lets just say I finally learned all my students names and I LOVED them. My classroom was looking sharp, everything was going smooth. And then my Vice Principal tells me the new teacher is taking over my students and my classroom (implying that she thinks the new teacher is more qualified). So now I have ninth graders who are TERRIBLE and refuse to tell me their names. They haven't had a teacher yet this year so they are very non-compliant and rowdy. And my classroom has been moved three times in two days! And the best part is . . . today they sent me back to the 10th graders which just had them all excited and confused. It has been so crazy. Never a dull moment at my job.

Also, I'm the Volleyball Coach, I have two great assistants so it won't be a hard job. I love the girls. They are some of the best students in the school. I'm also the JV Basketball Coach for the girls. That isn't till November. I love the Basketball coaching staff (Varsity coaches). They are wonderful. I need an assistant though, so if you're up for it?

So I have to think about some of the positive things that have happened in all this craziness.
* My colleagues have been great support. I feel like I have several mothers in the building who are a shoulder to cry on and the advice you need to hear.
* My students have made me feel so loved. The 10th graders have whined and whined that I'm not their teacher anymore. One student stopped me in the hall to say I was her favorite teacher and she was really going to miss me. I only taught her a week and I was her favorite! Others have seen me in the hall and commanded a hug cause they said they missed me and wished I was still their teacher.
* A student who I don't even know offered to hug me when she saw me crying, which was so embarrassing. I was trying to hide it but an 11th grader in the room next door noticed and started yelling at my students "You made Mrs. Szilagyi cry!" So I had to turn around and tell them they weren't the reason I was crying "It's just been a really bad day." (understatement) And this girl just goes "Do you need a hug?" "YES!" and I walked over to her for an embrace. It really made me stop and I was able to laugh about the kid who had just called me a "White B#$*&." And threatened to beat me up. Cause I asked for his schedule.
* My parents have listened to my craziness and offered great advice. My mother has so much wisdom in her old age. But her best advice was "to sit down and put in a Friends DVD. Which is what I am doing right now.
* And my greatest blessing is my husband. He came to school today and helped me move some stuff. He gave me the massage I needed last night. And he has listened to all my complaining. I love him dearly.


Mom and Dad Bassett said...

Relax, enjoy the movie, and have some chocolate. Tomorrow will be a brand new day. Who knows maybe you will find this freshman class delightful and enjoy it and your fellow 9th grade teachers more than 10th grade. Things will work out, you will see. Love you, Mom

Winsor said...

I'm sorry - I hate weeks/days like that. I love your moms advice, especially the "enjoy the movie and have some chocolate."

Heidi said...

THAT IS HORRIBLE! I am so sorry that they did that to you. But, I am a little confused - so did they give you back your schedule or are you still with freshmen? Even still, kudos (sp?) to you for doing what you are! You're great! :) Call me if you need to scream or cry or just grit your teeth about teaching. It's wonderful, but there definitely are days!!! :)

Mom and Dad Bassett said...

I am so sorry for the ordeal you are going through. As my father always said, "This too shall pass." Whenever I get really down or stressed out, I can still hear his voice telling me that over and over and over. It's true, Bettylou, this too shall pass!
When life gives you lemons make lemonade. I don't have the foggiest idea why the administration has done to you what they have done, but I am positive they felt it was in the best interest for the school. Been there - done that! I know my teachers didn't always agree with my decisions, but they didn't always see the whole picture like I did! Perhaps my focus was a bit distorted, but that is the boss' prerogative!
Support your leaders, glean from your fellow teachers and LOVE your kids. They will learn to love you, BECAUSE you are so lovable!
Give me a call (seeing as how you have ignored every message I've sent you as of late!).
Love, Pa

Alison said...

Lizzie! I'm so sorry about your bummer week. But what a compliment to know how much you impacted your students in such a short amount of time. Take the good and run with it!!!

I'll be thinking of you. Hope the coming weeks look up for you. I think you are great!!!

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