Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Good times in Illinois

Ben and I spent the last week in good 'ol Rockton, Illinois. It was such a nice vacation; great way to end the summer. Some highlights of the trip include:

* adorable little "Noah Lagee from Souf Bloy Ienoi"
* tanker baby Jackson
* catching a giant frog at the Nygren wetlands
* tubing with Lauren (the kind of tubing where you're pulled behind a boat, I haven't done that since High School and it was just as fun as I remember)
* shopping with Lauren and Carol
* a beautiful drive through rolling hill corn fields to enjoy even more beautiful scenery at Lake Yellowstone
* Bizzie and all her wittiness
* Noah holding a baby snake, he wasn't scared at all
* THE BOONE COUNTY FAIR, the reason we came this week
* a day full of junk food, above mentioned bullet
* riding the fireball with Ben, this ride just loopdee lopped around and around - I was hysterical
* dreaming about owning my own horses someday
* watching the Olympics with Sam
* but even better watching . . . the First Season of The Office. I LOVE IT!!! and can't wait to collect all seasons
* a 12 mile bike ride with Rick

That's all I can think of for now, but the week was full of fun events.

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