Saturday, August 16, 2008


Sit down for this one . . . I'm reading a McCain book. I even half suggested it. See our book club is reading Obama's Dreams From My Father. I was worried it would be boycotted, since it's an LDS book club. So I had all these plans for sticking up for it. Like "It's a memoir, not a political book." And then Ben asked me if I'd be willing to read a McCain book, and I said, after much thought, "If it was a memoir." To which he pointed out a McCain memoir would be interesting considering he was a POW for five years, which I didn't know. Anyway, to my surprise no one boycotted Obama's book. Instead one girl suggested half of us read McCain and half of us read Obama. To which I replied "I'll read both." And then everyone agreed we should all read both and come back and discuss them together. Which is interesting considering they are both about growing up practically fatherless, rebelling during teen years, and then turning to politics. Maybe the old white guy and the sexy young black guy have more in common then we think. So anyway, next month I'll be reading both. I challenge you to do the same.

Who's book will I like better? That's easy . . .
Who's picture decorates my desktop? Now I just need a shirt and a bumper sticker.
Which offers better CHANGE and more HOPE? Therefore, making the best President.
My forefathers were commanded to vote for who?
Who can fix the economy, improve my profession, and give my students health care?
Which is better with a crowd? But let's face it, both are an improvement from Dubwa.
Who's yummier to look at? That's right, I have a crush on Obama.

Who is the bigger candidate, avoiding old fashioned mudslinging?
Who's the bigger goober, who I think is too old to run a country?Hey, I had to give the guy one.


Mom and Dad Bassett said...

You're pretty brave, Bettylou! I'm betting more than 75% of your audience has just deleted you from their files.
I was pretty proud of your Relief Society chicks however. Who'd thought they'd be so progressive in their thinking. You'll have to tell me all about your discussion. That should be pretty interesting!
I'm beginning to believe you may be even more radical than Beulah P herself! Neils would be proud to know some in his family are still "keeping the commandments." I'll never understand how Utah became so apostate. Poor Brother Wilford is likely churning up the soil of the Salt Lake Cemetery knowing that it's no longer 50/50 but 92/08!
Love, Pa

The Rowley's said...

Hey Ms Liz How are you doing hun. Let your dad know that I would like if he would add my blog I would love to catch up with your family. Talk to you soon hun!

Alison said...

Indeed Scott, I immediately went to my link list to give Liz the boot, but...oddly enough, it wouldn't let me! I guess that means that despite our many different opinions, we're going to be friends for life!!

Mom and Dad Bassett said...

Yes, I agree McCain is too damn old to be running for President, but I am also somewhat concerned about Baraks youth and inexperience. Scott informed me how young JFK was, but you must take in to mind when JFK was President what was my age??? So to you Barrak seems old enough, but to me he seems rather young. As if my vote in Utah counts anyway so why bother worrying about age! I will go Democrat because I do believe the Republican way is "the rich get richer" and that just ticks me off!!!! Mom

Heidi said...

This is such a sizzling topic on your blog, that I couldn't help but put up an opinion. :) I actually read "Dreams of My Father" because at the time I was a VERY BIG fan of Obama's. I really liked his book, it helped me to understand his perspective even better - he has such great international experience and insight and a real ability to WORK for meaningful change. I like McCain as well because, every time I have listened to "The State of the Union" address his responses to President Bush were always similar to mine. Do I think he is kind of playing the puppet part for the Republicans at this point? Definitely. Do I think he could actually lead the country well, if he chose to? Sure. A HUGE issue I have with Obama at this point is partial birth abortion. I never knew until very recently just exactly how it was done, and it is sickening to me in every form. I cannot support someone who supports that, no matter how inspiring (or good looking :) ) his views are. If you can stand the inhumanity of partial birth abortion, your morals are not strong enough to withstand the pressure that comes from being president of the United States of America. But, I am still looking into it to see if he has ever taken a stand against it. He still has a chance to keep my vote! How was that for a political novel aka opinion!

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