Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy New Year!

So it may not be Jan 1 but it always feels like a "New Year" when school starts session. I'm excited to be busy again. But I'm not sure how I'll find the time to finish seasons 8, 9, and 10 of Friends. I'm sure I'll manage. Well, the things that will keep us busy are:

- managing 30 plus students in an open space school (aka no walls)
- helping Coach the Girls Basketball Team
- grading 90 plus papers every few weeks
- planning a six week unit on When The Emperor Was Divine.
Being prepared to keep my students engaged for 90 minutes a day

- interviewing for a summer internship
- being a staff member on Georgetown International Law Review
working part time at the library (we hope anyway)
- taking two courses at the University
- help clients with matters of public policy (approx 25 hours a week)

And of course we still have Cub Scouts on Wednesday night. I also have to catch the new seasons of Bones and The Office which will be hard cause I play basketball on Thursday nights (while The Office is on) with a bunch of girls from our stake. But like I said, excited to be busy again.


Mom and Dad Bassett said...

I well remember how exciting each new school year was. I loved it! Always got a little nervous, but it was exhilerating. Now I have to teach adults and that my dears is a true hell!!
I wish you and Ben the best with your many endeavors. We love you.

The Briggs Clan said...

Hey babe! I think your life sounds chaotic...why not throw a baby into the mix! lol! P.S. & By the way... When is the next time you'll be in Delta? I hope I will get to see you some time this millennium!

The Rowley's said...

Hey you need to let you dad and mom know I want them to add me I miss talking to them I hope to talk to you soon and hope your schedule will be just fine Devin and I are like that church, work kids its crazy but love it. Talk to you soon hun

Mom and Dad Bassett said...

Well, sis you may be a "Busy Bee" (once a DNES Busy Bee always a DNES Busy Bee!), but your mom is now a Couteous, Careful, and Capable COYOTE! Please and thank you. And, with empty nest syndrome life is not as busy, but with age you move soooo much slower. I only do laundry for two, but it takes as long as laundry for six. I swear it does!
I am hoping you and Benjamin have an absolutely marvelous year!!!! And, I can't wait to see where his internship will take you, hopefully to SLC!
Dad, says to teach adults is pure hell, but ask him how his 12 year old Sunday School class is going? Really adults are just children in bigger size bodies! I noticed that a lot when I worked in preschool. Behavior is pretty much the same, but it is cuter most of the time on little bodies. Have a fantastic year! Mom

The Pitchforths said...

Liz, you're such a go-getter! I go visit Cole at the school and it drives me crazy! Jr. High is so immature!!!!!! I guess that's why I'm a nurse! LOL

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