Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm sorry, it's just too much fun.

I watched ones that were suppose to be making fun of Obama and McCain, but no body does it like Tina Fey and Amy Pueller. They are too funny!

Tonight was my book club on Obama and McCain. A few things I learned from our discussion and my readings.
  • McCain is a strong and honorable man. He could have got out of his POW situation earlier than he did, but he didn't take advantage of his name because that is not fair.
  • Obama is an every man man. He understands the mass of our world's races. He will bend over backyards to do what he can to help anyone.
  • McCain has a terrible temper. One girl in our ward works for Wolf Blitzer and she has met McCain several times when he comes on the show for interviews, and apparently he ripped her apart once for letting an interview go 3 minutes over time. I guess she has more stories similar to this one.
  • If honor describes McCain, honesty describes Obama.
  • Both men struggled with absentee father's in their childhood. Both held their expectations of their father's high, and therefore strive for the best themselves.
  • Surprisingly enough I think more of the women preferred Obama's prose and personal stories. Maybe my mormon friends aren't as close minded as I thought. Though of course, they assumed I was a republican. Grrrr. Pet peve.

I also read Twilight this last weekend. If you would like to know what I thought about it please visit this website. I'm really eager to see how many of you agree with my desires to have Edward eat Bella, just for comical relief. I am however, planning on reading the second book soon.

We won our first volleyball game tonight. I benched our "star" players for various reasons, and even the girls who were getting more playing time were shocked by it. "Are you sure you want me to go in for Cassie?" "Lydia can take my spot." "Put Aleisha in for me." I was flabergasted. These girls just don't have enough confidence in themselves. I knew we would win so I wanted to play the girls who usually sit the bench. And they didn't want to play. One girl even looked at me longingly when I left her in on the front row, like "are you sure you want me to stay in?" They kill me. I love them though. They were so excited when we won. They were just jumping up and down and running around the gym.

My Triathlon is Saturday. I'm eager to race. I'm even more eager to have Jaedon and Livy stay the night on Friday. It was so cute when they told Jaedon they were going to Liz and Ben's house his response was "So Mom and Dad can go to the temple." What a kid.

Treat yourself to a good laugh one more time. The comparison is amazing.

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