Saturday, September 27, 2008

Petersen Pride

So I've yet to mention this little treasure I have. For my graduation present my parents gave me a bunch of antique books that my ancestors left behind. Longfellow, Tennyson, and Shelley poems, Emerson Essays etc. But the best part was a surprise (I'd found the books a while before I graduated and knew they were coming to me). The surprise was these books written by my great-great-aunt, Margaret Maw. They are fictional but not far from a first hand account of her life in Deseret, UT. She was actually born in Denmark, but after Nels and Grethe were baptized members of the Church they immigrated to UT and helped settle lovely West Millard County.

I breezed through these books. They were fun and easy to read. As I read I was nostalgic for my lovely desert home. Sucked into the love story. Enthralled by her career as a teacher in a one room school house. And in love with the closeness I felt to my great-great grandparents. I've always been fond of their stories, but this time they were being told by their very own daughter, and not a great grandchild they never met (no offense Pa, you're still a great story teller). These are a rare find and I'm grateful my father stole them from Granny B and gifted them to me. I'm willing to lend them to any siblings or cousins of mine. Us Petersen's have to keep up that family pride. I can't wait to read them to my own children one day. They will make such a great bed time story for elementary age kids.

I was curious if you could find these for sale anywhere so I looked them up on Amazon. And a signed copy, which is what I have, goes for $110. I'd suggest my pops buy them (at least the first of the series) and give them to my brothers. I really think they are worth it. Loved, loved, loved them. I'm also wondering if you could find them at your local Utah library? Since they are a first hand account of the state's pioneers.

On a totally unrelated (no pun intended) Petersen Pride note. Chelsea tagged me. Six quirky things. And I find it very strange we share the first thing on her list. To quote:

1. "I stare without realizing it." This totally freaks out my students. I've done it for as long as I can remember. I won't even notice until someone waves at me, like they are trying to wake me up.

2. If I eat cereal at lunch or dinner (which is often) I prefer it out of a coffee mug. Also a lifelong habit.

3. I hate when people rub or lightly touch the huge cancer scar on my leg. But if you poke it real hard I don't mind.

4. I always bounce my legs. Especially when I'm stressed out. The more stressed I get the harder I bounce.

5. I watch TV shows made for 13-year-olds. "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" (the Szilagyi girls are ashamed of me for this) and "What I Like About You." I also enjoy "Arthur" and "The Magic School Bus." But who doesn't?

6. I think I love Asians, Blacks, and Latinos more than I do white people. Ben's response, "That's just kind of offensive." So I'm the opposite of racist, big deal.

I tag Kim (to keep it rolling with the Petersen's) and Mel, Laura, and Ali (cause I always tag them, and they probably expect it).


Winsor said...

That is crazy that we share the same first "quirky" thing. I also bounce my legs (I think this is definitely a Petersen trait)! I love the Nikoline books as well. I only have the first one, but my mom has all three!

Mom and Dad Bassett said...

Glad you liked the books. I'm glad that I gave them to YOU. If I had not given them away, I would probably never have read them! I really liked the stories as well. Great Aunt Margaret was a pretty good writer. Actually many in the family have that talent, so maybe it's part of that Petersen Pride we all inherited!
To set the record straight -- I did NOT steal them from Grandma. Grandma gave them to me when I was doing my student teaching way back in 1976 and I've had them in my possession since then! It's just that she forgot she gave them to me and when she wondered where they were, she accused me of stealing them. She demanded I return them to her, but the next time I saw her, she'd forgotten her demand! Old age was definitely to my advantage that time. Missin' Granny...

The Pitchforths said...

Liz, I love reading your blogs, they're always so entertaining. Plus, I like that you update so often. I love it, love it, love it!

Nick & Danielle said...

I've heard Bobbie talk about those books. They sound like they are really cool books!! Also, I watch Secret Life of the American Teen and have What I Like About You on my TiVo Record List!! Love it!!!

Mom and Dad Bassett said...

Missing my girl with the bouncy legs. Dad bought Oreos and I thought of you. We will have lots of cereal and Oreos when you come in December. Can't wait to see you and Ben!

Alison said...

Have you heard of the group Thriving Ivory? I LOVE THEM!!! And my gut tells me that you will too. Download "Angels on the Moon" and then give me feedback.

Carroll's said...

I would totally do this tag to keep the Petersen pride going, but I already did and theres no way I can think of six MORE quirky things about myself to post (ok, it probably wouldn't be too hard) but no one wants to know THAT much about me :) I didn't know anything about any books! What else have I been missing out on?

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