Friday, January 9, 2009

Challenge: Talking Gangster

Due to my last post, my dad thinks I talk hood. So here is a challenge to all my blog readers. Try and figure out what the following sayings actually mean.

"I'm going to steal you."

"I'm so psycyst"

"You some trash"

"You got bait Szilagyi?"

"She kirked off on her"

"Quit jonning me"

And my personal favorite "Who just busted their ass?"

Sorry for the profanity but I just couldn't keep that last one clean. It doesn't have the same effect otherwise. And yes, when my students say the above mentioned quotes they always add two or three curse words. This is G rated Gangster Talk.

This is just a taste of my new second language (Ebonics has replaced all my Singlish). When I really want to get my kids attention I just throw out the name of one of their hoods or some slang I've recently picked up. After they laugh a little bit they calm down and start listening to me.

Who's up for the challenge? Take a couple guesses. I'll announce the winner on a later post so "y'all better get rollin on this!"


Mom and Dad Bassett said...

Okay, I'll give it a try:
"I'm going to steal you." (I want to make love) "I'm so psycyst" (I can't even figure out what that "p" word is, so I'll say I'm so excited) "You some trash" (In my day, it was probably you're groovy!) "You got bait Szilagyi?" (Are you pregnant?) "She kirked off on her" (She didn't show up) "Quit jonning me" (well in my day a john was a pimp, so I'm thinking it means leave me alone pimp) And my personal favorite "Who just busted their ass?" (Who just flatulated? - or as Max would say, Drama tooted)
Now that you've had your laugh on my attempt at hood talk, let me know how far off I really am!
Love, Pa

Anonymous said...

I Liz!! It's Kacey. I have just started updating my blog in like a year but I just wanted to say Hi. Your blog is really cute. I will be coming out to Washington DC for work in a couple of months so I will have to get your number and catch up with you if I have time!!! Happy New Year!

Mom and Dad Bassett said...

I'm gonna punch your lights out.
I'm so sexy.
You cool, man, cool.
You got something to eat?
She dumped me.
Quit fooling with me.
Who farted? Grandma just tooted!

Heidi said...

I am not even going to try to translate even though vivid Houston memories came flooding back as I read this post and the one about your volleyball and basketball games! I only heard kindergarten trash talk though (but it was disturbing how quickly and accurate they were at five years old...several - okay all - of my class pictures the little tikes are flashing gang signs). Your hood is a lot rougher than mine though but the feelings are the same. They are so in need of love and stability you can't help but look past all that trash they talk and act. Thanks for the memoirs of yours and the walk down memory lane for me!

Carroll's said...

ok, I'll be brave!
"I'm going to steal you" - I think you're cute.
"I'm so psycyst" - I'm so excited
"You some trash" - You're cool
"You got bait Szilagyi?" Do you have a problem with that?
"She kirked off on her" - She freaked out
"Quit jonning me" - Quit teasing
"Who just busted their ass?" Who farted.

I have no clue!!

Winsor said...

I have no idea at all, but I am looking forward to reading what they mean in the future.

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