Monday, January 19, 2009

Kim's the winner, and other random thoughts

The long awaited interpretation:

steal you - punch you

psycysted - excited

some trash - you suck

got bait - boyfriend on the side? When I first heard it, I too thought they were asking if I was pregnant. Note, you cannot have bait unless you are in a serious relationship

kirked off - yelled at (I also accept freaked out, Kim).

jonning me - teasing

Now, on a totally different note, Look it up. I love it. I've learned so much about my favorite characters on The Office. Like did you know the character Carol Stills (Michael's girlfriend in season 2 and 3) is actually Carrell's real life wife. But wait, I've learned more. Angela Kinsey (Angela Martin) is Paul Lieberstien's (Toby Flenderson's) sister-in-law. AND, as if that isn't shocking enough, Paul and Angela's husband's sister is married to Greg Daniels! The BBC Office guy and producer of the US version of the show. I guess that is how they all got on the series. Ben says I shouldn't act so surprised, they're just keeping it in the family. I love The Office! Wish I could hang out at a Lieberstien family reunion.


Casie said...

I actually knew that the girlfriend was Michael's wife, but the other stuff was way cool to read. :)

The Briggs Clan said...

Hey liz... The reason I didn't guess is... yep I was right...I wouldn't have been close! So funny. I think you should right a whole post in 'ghetto slang'. I can't wait to see you. I can't wait to see you. It's oonly a monthish away. YEAH! And thanks for the Delta Burger invite! Are lynn and Leo invited. :).

The Briggs Clan said...

ok...if they really are coming...maybe I wont! Lynn wasnt exactly my best friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!In fact I think she'd like to run me over...Why? Dont really know to this day, but... I guess it's good to be hated for no reason at least once in your life!:)

The Briggs Clan said...
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