Saturday, February 14, 2009

Read it all or take your pick

I love Ben! (add photo of flowers)Since it is Valentines Day I get to tell you all how much I love Ben. It was this time three years ago that he first asked me out. I remember that night in my prayers, I thanked Heavenly Father for Ben and the great date we had, sometimes I think I must have known right then. He felt like the perfect fit. And the more I get to know him the more I fall in love with him. Each day. I want all my loved ones to have a husband as grand as he is.

Books and Movies

We saw this one today. Two thumbs up.
Seriously though, not a little kid movie. I thought everyone knew that but there were plenty of little kids there. Big mistake.
I love this one and recommend it to anyone. Religion or no religion. Reader or no reader. History lover or hater. You will like this book. Go to your library and get it NOW!

Read and watched both of these. As is expected, the book is better. Which is why I always read the book first. As I read I pictured Rosaleen and the Boatwrights to be a lot older than they were in the movie. But once I was use to the fact that these women were younger than I'd suspected, I really liked the characters and how the actresses portrayed them. I think Alicia Keys really had June down, better than any of the others probably. I'd give the book 3.5 stars, the movie . . . I wonder if I'd liked it more or less had I just watched it first. The first half is actually A LOT like the book. But towards the end they change a couple of things. Which really took away from important character development. But I realize they have a time limit. What can you do.

My Children

Most people I know blog all about their kids. Which seems natural. So I guss that is why I blog about mine so much. I love my students. Last week I was so frustrated with my job. Then this week I was given the understanding I needed. I called the homes of about 25 students. I reached a few supportive parents, but several numbers on school record were group shelters. A couple were group homes for boys. So who do you talk to? Obviously the child has no parent or guardian around. For one boy I was calling to report how great he has been, but he lives in a group home, so who do you compliment for raising him well? Saddest of all, one of the shelters wasn't even a group home for troubled teen boys, it was a group home for battered and beaten women and children. That call was for a bad report, but the receptionist wouldn't let me through to any one. The victims safety is #1, therefore they couldn't tell me if the parent I was looking for was even there anymore. I left a message, but I still haven't heard back. Even if she does call back, how can I add to her terror by telling her her child is a pain in my rear end?

Friday I asked a couple female students to write real touching thank you notes to my guest speaker. I had no idea how touching their thank yous really would be. One of the girls brought me to tears. She's one of the best students I have. I would assume she's had one of the most normal lives because she doesn't seem troubled like some of the other students. Her letter spoke of bouncing between foster homes as a 10-year-old. Her brother was beaten at day care and the feds blamed it on her mother. So she and her siblings were taken from their home, seperated, and forced to live with strangers. She missed the love of her family, the privacy of her previous life. She admitted to hanging onto negative emotions brought on by the experience, she thanked the guest for teaching her to move forward with strength. Not to let her past bring her down.

I will never forget these kids and all that they have taught me.


The Briggs Clan said...

I love you! I cant wait to see you! Lets go down to STG on Monday then. I'm talking to Mace today to see what days she is working. So... the question is... can you handle 3 kids in a car for that long? :)

Hannah said...

Wow, sounds like you ARE a parent, although, as a parent you're able to avoid that really sad stuff because they're your kids. I'm sure you're an awesome teacher who's going to have a huge impact on their lives though. I really admire how brave you are, I don't know if I'd be strong enough to do what you do every day.

p.s. and I hear you about the 'perfect fit' thing with your husband. I did the exact same thing you did after Mike and I first hung out(came home and thanked Heavenly Father for him). I think for some people out there, there really is just that one perfect fit. Who knows, maybe it could be that way for everyone.

Mom and Dad Bassett said...

Thanks for the uplifting blog. I was kinda worried about you last week, but as you said, once you got to really know your students, you realized where they were coming from. Maybe doesn't make the day to day situations much easier, but it does bring some meaning to them.
I love you and can't wait to see you. Love, Pa

Ben said...

Honey I love you, but maybe you should leave names (i.e. Javon) out of the post. Also, child abuse is a state issue (unless there was kidnapping or crossing state lines) so it likely wasn't the "Feds" that blamed the girls mother. Just thought you might like so nit picking :)

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