Thursday, February 19, 2009

Real life moment

So I had a real life office moment today. The Assistant Principal over curriculum called a meeting for me and three other, young, white teachers during our planning periods. She announced the meeting over the intercom, about an hour before it was to happen. For those of you who don't teach, just know that giving up our planning period is THE LAST thing we want to do. And technically it is suppose to be free from such meetings. And as of late, we have had many of these meetings, and very little of our own planning time. It is starting to get ridiculous. So none of us were too excited about this little meeting. We went begrudgingly and this is what happened.

I showed up first, with just a piece of paper and a pen. Emily showed up next with just a pen. And the AP made it SO AWKWARD! "You didn't bring a piece of paper? Who do you work for, teaching corps?" Teach for America was the answer she was looking for. And I kind of think she miss named it on purpose. Like you do with your boyfriend's ex-girlfriends name. Anyway, she goes on. "I need to contact your supervisor and tell them they aren't doing a good job of teaching you anything. You show up without paper. What kind of training are they giving you?"

Poor Emily was totally attacked. It was so awkward.

She comes in and sits down anyway, and while the AP is busy on her computer I tell Emily that the meeting is for 9th grade English teachers. She teaches 10th grade. So she asks the AP if she even needs to be there. Now the AP goes on about how Emily teaches all these repeaters (students who failed the class the first time) so technically they are 9th graders. Which doesn't make any sense cause once they pass English I they become 10th graders. So Emily says "No I don't have any repeaters this semester. I did last semester, but not this semester." This just set the AP off. She starts rambling about how Emily always knows more than her, next she says "In fact you know so much more than me that next semester you should take my job." I couldn't believe how awkward it all was. I was doing everything I could not to just bust up laughing. It was so funny to me. I wanted to scream, yes Emily knows more about her students than you do. Emily and I looked at her class roster and put three stars by the three out of 75 students who were repeating the class. Still, the AP made her stay for the whole meeting. I think cause she refused to admit she had been wrong in calling Emily to the meeting.

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Casie said...

I guess Michael Scott won't be passing on his 'World's Best Boss' mug onto the AP!? I totally know what you are describing - about the not wanting to laugh about stupid confrontations at work. Mine were usually because a teacher (my supposed mentor) was telling the principal how to do his job when she had no idea what she was saying - so yep, I feel ya on this post! I hope you broke the tension by getting on the school intercom, calling a doctor, and discussing the mole you visited about earlier! haha (I hope you saw that recent episode, otherwise that comment is awkward!)

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