Friday, February 20, 2009

To My Girls

Love is in the air right now. And it is killing my pocket book! Not only do I have to buy the plane tickets, but the time off work . . . it adds up. Not to worry, it's all worth it so see my girls celebrate their life with the boys they love. One of which I still haven't met . . . but the pictures tell me TJ is perfect for Jen even if I haven't been able to approve of him in person.

So for those of you wondering what all this rambling is about. My three best friends are all getting married within weeks of each other. Jen goes down next Friday. Her and TJ describe themselves as two non committals who are finally committing. Sounds about right. Ali ties the knot eight days later. To Kresdon, her soul mate. They found each other at age 16, so it's about time! I still remember the first time they kissed, I was just a few yards away. Then Maci, well when Ali and Jen set there dates Jen joked that March 14 was still available if Maci wanted to snatch up a fiance and take it. I believe her response was something like "Someday, but not that soon." So I guess the 20th gives her those six extra days she really needed to be ready. Gotta love it.

I really can tell these girls are happier than they have ever been so I know it is right and I am so excited for each of them. I'll miss how easy it was for us to get together and find a beach. Whether it was the Pacific . . .or the Atlantic . . . We always knew how to have fun together, coast to coast. And even though it will be harder to get together, I'm sure we'll find our ways. I guess we need LDS culture to move toward arranged marriages, so we can committ our kids to each other at birth. Sound like a plan ladies?


Lauren said...

You forgot to add you're going to see your 4 favorite sister-in laws

Alison said...
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Alison said...

Are you kidding me? Number one...I am showing a hint of cleavage in the 3rd picture. Shame shame. And secondly, we'll find a way for plenty more trips with the girls. I hope at least one of them includes a near choking/drowning/stripping trip to the ocean. That's the one void that the rez just can't seem to fill.

See you soon. Can't flippin' wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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