Sunday, February 8, 2009

Spoiler Alert: My Review

I love Valentine's Time. All these great Chic Flicks come out and I can always trick Ben into seeing one with me. I debated back and forth which one was worth paying high dollar for, cause I wanted to see New In Town a little more than this one. But how could I pass up seeing this cast on the big screen. Don't let the advertisements fool you, it is a bit more original than most, but this is definitely a chic flick. Judging by the title, I'm thinking "Alright, in the end none of them will get together." But of course that would make for a horrible movie. So the movie does in fact follow all the rules and get all the couples you were rooting for together. I will admit however, these scripted relationships were a lot more thought provoking than most. So here are my thoughts on them.

The reviews I've read had it right when they say this is the best couple in the movie. Which is funny cause they are probably the two least famous characters. But half way through you really start rooting for Alex and Gigi. He's giving her great advice and she's taking to it all so well. And soon enough, she realizes "He's into me." She comes to this conclusion before he even realizes it himself. And her acting on this intuition goes against all the dating rules he has been teaching her. So of course their fist move towards a relationship is shot down by his player self. And thankfully when he shows up at her doorstep all apologetic, she proves she has in fact learned something from him and insists on shutting him down. I mean, why should she think she could be anything different for him? Ben hated it, but that line "You are my exception," followed with the perfect on screen kiss. Loved it! They could have ended the show with just these two together and I would have been satisfied.

But of course they are going to have to get these two back together. You can't have two big stars like this on the show and not have a happy ending for them. My only comment on their relationship would have to be something Ben pointed out. In the end, the characters with the real relationship problems were all the men. Even though the whole show is some sort of lesson to women. It's too ironic. The idea that each relationship failed or struggled because of the man just furthers all the stereotypes I thought this movie was trying to break down.

This couple is just ridiculous the whole time. Why do women really think they can date married men and it's all going to end happy for them. That's the craziest idea I've ever heard. To his credit he shot her down a couple of times but she just kept egging him on. So in the end, she got the heartache she deserved. And thankfully, his wife does finally ask for a divorce. All around, happy this didn't end "happily" for anyone in the love triangle.

And putting this couple together at the very end was just too cliche for me. Of course everyone wants to see the guy who keeps getting walked over and the girl who keeps getting rejected happy with someone. But it was just too easy to put them together. Lame.

And perhaps the happiest ending of all. Is seeing Jennifer Connolly get out of her pitiful relationship and feel freed by her new found independence. At the beginning I was hoping things would work out for her and her college sweetheart, but eventually you're just like "Come on, you are way better than him. Quit trying so hard to make this work." Which is really unlike me. I wish the marriage success rate was much higher than it is, but last week in Church this woman referred to herself as "Happily Divorced" and I thought, sure - some people do need out of their relationships, even if the core of the gospel teaches otherwise. After all, didn't this whole movie teach us that there are always exceptions to the rule. Which is confusing because I think they really wanted women to learn there are no exceptions. Like I said at the beginning, despite all it's efforts not to be one, it's totally a chic flick.

Warning: A kind of vulgar one too.

ps. I learned of one of Ben's movie star crushes finally (he always insists that all Hollywood figures aren't that attractive) but he's going on a 15 year crush for Jennifer Connolly. She's a pretty simple babe, so I approve. Even if it all started with Labyrinth.

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