Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Clampetts move to DC.

Everything we owned was in or on our car.

Ben and I had finished our days at USU and were heading on to the next stage of our life. For him, more school, for me, a career -- all in the nations bustling capitol. We did break the trip up with a week long stay in Rockton, IL. Ben's hometown. But that hardly made up for the fact that we drove all day and night, only reaching a peak speed of 65mph all the way across the country. We couldn't speed and didn't stop (except for at fast food dines and truck stops) because we had EVERYTHING we owned somewhere in or strapped on top of our car. The trunk was full, the back seat was packed so tight we couldn't look out the windows, our bikes were strapped onto the outside of the trunk, and about four suitcases were loaded on the roof rack. It was quite the sight. We were like half an inch above the road. Too funny, but not at all fun.

1 comment:

Alison said...

Please post a picture!

Don't disappoint and tell me its the one time you didn't have your camera with you?

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