Saturday, March 28, 2009

Introductiong . . .

The Hughes'
(not really sure how to make that one plural).

It's been 21 days since Shar, Marie, and I embarked on an oh-so fun and beautiful, yet snowy, road trip to Manti, UT. Where Ali and Kresdon became Mr. and Mrs. Hughes. I had to save this post, out of all my recent brides, for last -- not just cause Ali is my most-best friend in the whole wide world, but cause this time I actually know and consider the groom to be one of my closest childhood friends as well.

Oh Ali and Kresdon, where to begin.
Here we are on what I think was their first date, it may not have been the first evening they spent together (I remember a couple times when Kresdon would drop by my house, beg me to come with him to Ali's and then the three of us would head up to Oak City). Anyway, this was there first High School dance date. And let me tell you, we had so much fun. I remember so few of my dates back in High School, no offense to any boys who took me out, my memory is just kind of spotty. But this was excellent. We went bowling, on a scavenger hunt (which we cheated on), and made our own pizzas before the dance. But I'm sure Ali and Kresdon will tell you there favorite part was after the dance. :)

So, I'm trying to decide who I became good friends with first. I remember the first day I met Kresdon. We were all sitting in our Sunday School room, waiting for Sister Preston to come teach us another story from the Doctorine and Covenants. She was never late for class so having all us kids sitting in the room waiting for her was really unusual. When she finally came in she had Kresdon with her, and she introduced him as a new member of our class, not just a visitor. Shellene and I were automatically intrigued . . . new blood. Later that week my bus driver Katie would have stopped at a new corner to wait for Kresdon and several of his younger siblings. It probably only took me one bus ride to realize this boy was not for me to have a crush on, but for something else entirely. Oh the wisdom learned on a school bus. I could have sworn all this was in the 7th grade, but Kyle Jensen's mother vouched for the fact that he moved in at grade 6. So I guess that was first.

Cause it was definitely 7th grade for me and Al. I'm sure we'd had some playground fun together before Mr. Owens pre-Algebra class. But that really is where the friendship was born. Oh, Mr. Owens. LOL. Give me a second to stop chuckling. We sat by each other the whole school year. Right up front and center, of course. I caused, a good amount a trouble. And Ali just sat next to me giggling over it all. I really don't think she was ever reprimanded by him, I was always sent to the Planning Center all alone. We'd pass notes through out the entire class, and of course Mr. Owens would only choose to notice when I had them. But I think there were more reasons than that not to like me . . . and quiet little Ali was just so sweet and innocent, of course she never got in trouble.

I also remember inviting her to my birthday party that year. I was so excited she was coming. Most the girls on the guest list were friends Haley and I (we were sharing the party) had had since kindergarten. Ali represented this idea that I could keep making new friends, even at the ripe old age of 13. I remember her, Maci, and Jenni Teeples watching me do my duties, cause no one believed I cried everytime I went number 2. LOL. TMI, I know, but that's when you know you have found yourself a keeper.

Well, there isn't really a scrapbook page from middle school on that doesn't have Ali's pretty face on it. We did pretty much everything together.
From summer night hangouts
to Powder Puff gameseven Accapella (the occasional day that we went)
and of course Oak City campouts
scrubbing toilets at Leo's
to Basketball
and the model

Oh and I have to scan in our Pick-a-little experience. We really did everything together. Even our first year of college. I so remember renting Ashley Judd movies and eating a whole box of pizza in bed while we scared ourselves to death in our little concrete room. Or roller blading over to Aggie Ice Cream. And then moving to Provo together, and watching your little organized self share a room with the tornado we call Jen. Underwear strewn about everywhere! And then even when we finally had to part at the end of that summer, it didn't change anything. We'd each occasionally drive the couple hours it took for us to reunite.

And here we are now, 27-year-olds (at least according to you) and we still can chat up a storm on the phone and find each other weekly on g-chat. Ali, I seriously love you. Probably not as much as Kresdon or you mom do, but pretty darn close.
"cheep cheep"


Liz Szilagyi said...

Alison, help me out here. As I was cooking my chicken for dinner I was like "I remember the first time I met Ali!" It was at Lymanrow. We were playing softball against each other, and for some odd reason I had this need to see if I was better at Softball than you. I don't know why I picked you out of everyone else (or why I was suddenly competitive, I'd always been a pretty docile little child). I think I chose you cause we both played 3rd base? Or maybe cause you were clearly prettier than me so I just had to be more athletic. I must have tried really hard cause it was at the end of that game my mom told me I had to start wearing deodorant. Ha ha.

But then, as the chicken was nearing finish time, I was like "but how did I even know who Ali was if we hadn't already met." So then I remembered this time, shortly after 5th grade when I was at White Sage with Shellene and we met you, Shar and Brady Johnson. We talked about whose class we were in for 6th grade. And you may or may not have told me you had a crush on Brady, maybe that was Shar. I can't quiet recall. I just remember Shellene asked you two who all the cute boys at the South were. Surprising huh?

Anyway, just wondering what you remembered about our first encounter.

The Briggs Clan said...

so...i haven't been slacking... My internet USB plugin isn't working till next thursday and taking three kids to a public computer is so not fun... so... on thursday you will experience an overload. :)

The Briggs Clan said...

oh and the brady thing... NOT ME! I clearly remember who my crushes were and it wasn't him. as nice as he has always been... it wasn't me~

Alison said...

I had the crush on Brady Johnson. At the same time that I crushed on Derek Costanza. In Mrs. Christensen's class, we had auctions. And one auction in particular, there was a pair of silver teddy bear earrings that I wanted SO bad. Anyway. Brady outbid me. And I found them in my desk the next day. He always was such a gentleman.

Shar! Tell me you remember the time that you were at my house and we were talking on the phone to Derek C. and Ryan B. and we decided to arrange a meeting with Brady J. right in front of Derek C.'s house so that they could spy on us. Like our own little soap-opera. We were so girly and so in 5th grade!

Liz. I don't remember our first official meeting. But I do remember when you played on Jeff Hostetler's softball team, gray shirts, field 2. And I remember playing in the field and watching you cheer in the dugout and thinking, "we need to be friends someday." And now here we are. Love you, Liz.

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