Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Leo's Reunion

Leo's brought us together and facebook re-united us. I seriously cannot go to Delta without stopping at Leo's and getting a shake and some fries. I went there four times last week. WOW! I love that it's still the hangout after all these years.

But my best Leo's memories aren't of hanging out after the game or before the dance. They are of slaving away behind the counter with the best co-workers ever. I can thank the Christensen girls for the job. They told Leo I'd be a good hire. And I spent the next 3 years there. (That's the longest I've ever had any job, ironic I know).

A lot of my good friends worked there, but even so my favorite nights were when I was paired up with Lacie Ingram. That girl is a crack up! She always asked me the craziest questions. For example, one night she asked me to go to Harts for some treats. It was quiet a dilemma cause neither of us dared leave work for the quick get away. So I told her there were secret tunnels all over Delta, left from the boot legging era. And it was just her luck, there was one connecting Leo's to Harts! I proceeded to look for some nooks and crannies around the building that I could stuff her into. Lynne and Leo always tell me that they still have new hires ask about the tunnel to Harts all these years later. Ha ha.

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Mom and Dad Bassett said...

Loved the picture and the story about bootlegging. I'm missing my girl. It's so nice to have the internet up and the phones working again. We're almost all back to normal. When are you coming home again?????
Love, Pa

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