Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Always check to see if it's the rated version.

My parents and the little kids had already gone to bed. But my brothers, their spouses, and my husband all stayed up to watch Hancock. Problem was, Matt had picked up the unrated, uncut version, without noticing of course. The first scene is like "WHOA?!?!? Did that really just happen?" And of course my brother Jon who had already seen the movie was like "I don't remember that." Sure Jon, sure, we all teased the most innocent member of our family. Matt grabbed the movie case and sure enough, it was the uncut version of Hancock Luckily, the opening scene was the only special addition to this oh-so special version of Hancock. Fortunately, it wasn't too awkward, we were all so shocked that it was hard to show any other emotions.

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Casie said...

Hancock was really crazy - I noticed that when it came out that it had like 5 different versions to buy. It was on Josh's Christmas list, so I had to get it and it was kind of by luck that I noticed all the different versions and picked the most edited one. :) Gotta watch out - that Hollywood will getcha!

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