Thursday, April 9, 2009


So it's been ages since I rented a movie and watched it twice before I returned it, let alone twice in less than 24 hours. And maybe if I'd paid close attention to the movie the first time I wouldn't have had to watch it a second time, but mostly I think I just liked it so much it was worth 6 hours of my life. I LOVE NICOLE KIDMAN!!!Sometimes I forget how brilliant she and Drew Barrymore are. I often confuse myself and think the actresses of Friends and The Office are my favorites, but then I watch a Nicole Kidman movie and remind myself what a fool Tom Cruise was, and how grateful I am he let her go and she was finally able to have her own career. Cause she is A-MAZING!

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I loved that movie too. I just thought the little boy was so cute.

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