Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Let me share with you what I wrote in my journal today. I'm now using LDSjournal (livejournal didn't last long). I love it. And any of you who knew about it without telling me of it should be ashamed. I actually wrote them suggesting they add the private/public aspect that livejournal uses and they said it is coming soon. But for now I'll just have to copy and paste my entry here:

I would be so ungrateful if I didn't testify that I know our Savior sacrificed His life for us. He paved the way to salvation. He is my saving grace. I am so thankful for the restored gospel. Without, my knowledge of Him would not be the same.

Last night I began reading my missionary journals. I learned something in the MTC that had a profound impact on me. I learned that my elder brother could handle all the pains of the world. He bleed from His pores in the Garden, was tortured in the palace and left hanging on a cross. He did not complain, He could handle it all. Until the Father removed His spirit from him. Only then did Christ feel forsaken. Only then did He shout out with pain. He could bear everything but that.

I'm saddened any time I cause His suffering. But what should really sadden me is when I choose to let my Father's spirit be removed from my presence, from my marriage, from any relationships I have. I, like Christ, need my Father with me. To guide me, to show me how to use His Son's atonement.

The Go
spel truly is amazing. I am so blessed to have it. I love sharing it with the world and need to find more ways to do so. He suffered; and Lives for all His Father's children. They need to know that. He lives, that we too may live again, and in our Father's presence. What a miraculous gift.
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