Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A teacher knows.

As a child I thought . . .
A = Intelligence
B = Doing alright
C = May need special help
D = You're never going to college
F = Failure

In college I was told . . .
A = Impossible
B = Above average
C = Average
D = Rethink you're major
F = Wasting your money

But as a teacher I've learned . . .
A = Hard working (possibly to the point of slight annoyance)
B = Smart but satisfied
C = Trying their best
D = Genius
F = Poor attendance

Remember this next time your child brings home their report card.


Alison said...

In college I learned that C= college graduate and D= diploma. And both of those suited me just fine ;)

Alison said...

Yes, exactly! I actually wanted to post something about "listen, don't look"..but it is much too harsh to just come right out and say!

Chelle said...

How true that is...

PS, I love that you make book recommendations on this site. Keep that up. I'm always looking for new books to read!

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