Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's a great day!!!

The three exclamations points should let you know how great today has been. 3 things: Babysat Jaedon and Livy, found the fourth season of The Office for 20 bucks at Costco (totally redemption for how much I hate going there), I guess the 3rd thing hasn't happened yet, but I have a feeling I'm going to get a great deal on a phone on eBay. We'll see. Oh yeah, so if you been calling or texting me and I haven't responded that's why. I'm phoneless.

Livy was my little buddy today. She is at such a fun age.
She didn't even need the playground at the park, pushing her stroller around kept her pretty happy.

But I must say that girl is brave. She went up the stairs and right over to the big slide. It looked liked it scared her a little but that didn't stop her from doing it 20 more times.
She still looks kind of scared in that picture, but this was at least her 10th time.
Meanwhile, Jaedon played in the sand pit. I called it dirt, and this other little kid was quick to tell me "It's not dirt, it's sand." His mom looked at me a little apologetic but I just laughed and told the dude he was right, it is sand.

Eventually Jaedon went for the slide too.
And once we got home I had to show him the silly faces on my computer. He was giggling so hard at the photos I have a grandma and grandpa. Their favorite was bulge, Max loved mirror, but Jaedon was all about the swirl. I love how little kids still feel the need to "pull a funny face" when using these effects. Like the flat nose and sideways eye isn't enough.

And this little dude is Andrew. He was my pal last week during our first go at nursery. He spent the whole first hour sitting on my lap watching me play with the cars. I think he was a first timer too. I tried to scootch him off my lap a couple times but he wasn't having it. Not until we pulled out the snacks. Kid after my own heart. I doubt he really recognized me today at the park, but I like to think so. He kept smiling at me while he was climbing on things and later he was stuck at the bottom of the slide, so I helped him out. He is such a cute little guy. I still miss our scouts though, and in scouts you get some interaction with adults -- that's what I'm really going to miss.


Mel said...

Thanks for watching them. They love to come to your house!! Those are some great pictures as well.

Alison said...

These pictures look so professional..or maybe the kids are just that cute? Probably both!!

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