Thursday, May 28, 2009

I married a Szilagyi

Ben and I, but mostly Ben, have been busy with our balcony the last few weeks. We love it. And so do the birds. We were so surprised they flew all the way to the 10th floor just to eat our succulent (it's the only perennial that grew back from last year but both of us have forgotten what it actually is). So in an effort to save our one true survivor we bought a bird feeder. We would've also gotten a bath if either Target or the Depot had one. Anyway, if you know anything about the Szilagyi house in Illinois you know a bird feeder is an essential part of being in the fam. So anyway, the pictures . . .

Mostly we just get finches. But tonight there was a Cardinal. And, no throwing seeds on the ground is not how we feed the birds. The finches just made a mess and the Cardinal came by to eat the spill. And also, no that is not a Cardinal -- it flew away before we could snap it.

But since we had the camera out . . .
I made Ben take pictures of me with the flowers he bought me today. I love that he buys me flowers on random days. He loves me.

And this pot . . . oh this pot. When we were dating back in 2006. He walked from campus to my apartment with this pot and a beautiful plant to wish me a "Happy Earth Day." My mom and dad were visiting and mother was oh so impressed. I almost think watching her try to suppress her girly smile as he gave me the sweet gift was even more memorable than the gift itself.
So anyway, the plant died cause my thumb is brown and now we've put my favorite in it . . . Gerber Daisies. Which, I never realized how the leaves on the stem look like a weed.

And I noticed, like two months ago I posted a "Guess Who" was painting my toenails. And here's the proof. It was Ben. He loves me! (Did I say that already?)


Alison said...

You and Ben were definitely MFEO :)

I love gerber daisies too. They have been my favorite for a long long time. Maybe you and I were MFEO too? ;) Oh wait...we established that a LONG time ago!!

Mom and Dad Bassett said...

Gotta love that Ali! She always has the perfect comments. Loved the photos. We actually finished our garden today -- in the southeast corner of the yard -- planted some corn, tomatoes and beans. We have the peas and potatoes in the front yard -- true rednecks! Phil has been working like a dog this past week cleaning out all the overgrowth. It looks pretty good, actually, except for all the big holes where they took out tree trunks and are working on the remodeling project.

I am so excited to be coming to DC, mostly to see my girl -- that's you Betty, not Nicole Mom!! We will have so much fun together! Can't wait.

Give that toenail painter a big hug from me. Maybe he can paint mine while I'm out there! See ya soon!

Jen said...

Liz, please try not to turn to the side because I won't be able to see you!

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