Monday, June 1, 2009

Metaphors for life.

I spend all day trying to teach my students the power language has. We analyze and create metaphors, similes, alliteration. You name it. I want them to understand what a great weapon words can be.

And then I come home and read this:

In seeking to overcome debt and addictive behaviors, we should remember that addiction is the craving of the natural man, and it can never be satisfied It is an insatiable appetite. . . But as children of God, our deepest hunger and what we should be seeking is what the Lord alone can provide -- His love, His sense of worth, His security, His confidence, His hope in the future, and assurance of His love, which brigs us eternal joy. (Elder Robert D. Hales)

I love that the leaders of Christ's Church give me some of the most extraordinary examples of metaphor I could ever hope to find. I hate that I can't quote this on our upcoming final and have my student's analyze it's meaning. But oh well, I'm satisfied just knowing that some of the world's greatest poets, story tellers, and most brilliant minds are men who lead and guide me as Christ would if He were still here with us.

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